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Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Dammit, some of us are working. Me too. I just gotta get the mint leaves before I get home tonite.... Quote: Originally Posted by southbound35 Mule, mojito, or otherwise? Regardless, looks good. Mojito!!! In a beer mug, so I can make it a double!
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Expensive leather flip flops or cotton sneakers, like TB is wearing. White or gray linen pants (need to buy pink linen pants asap). T-shirt, polo or light-weight shirt with rolled up sleeves. Not much else you can do. :\\ Same as above, except I wear short and a couple of these:
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin "I must break you....."" Mike I still remember Drago's speech from the ads. "My name is Ivan Drrrrago, I am fighterrr of the Soviet Union. I have fought all my life, and I never loooossse. Soon I will fight Rocky Balboa and I will dissstroy him... Soon, the whole vooorld vill know my name..."
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Hermes Man's head just assploded. I LOLed!
PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by JABacchetta Hey guys, I've been looking at suits for my wedding on the beach in Puerto Rico. I've already decided against a seersucker, white and tan suits for a few reasons. I don't get to dress up that often and I'm looking for something that I can wear again. So basically I've decided to go with either charcoal or navy blue. 1. I see a lot of beach weddings with grey and black suits, but I can't find any that have...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Can you imagine the marketing that would have been possible with that? Try translating that when you go to Italy to source some fabric. ciao, mi chiamo ed. Sono qui per comprare tessuto. la mia azienda si chiama stalloni plaid. Try it in spanish: "sementales a cuadros"
Suggested stances:
I like it a lot. It got me out of the boring plateau I had been for a long time. People look at me like an alien, but I can care less. They can continue with their traditional 2 hour no sweating routines. BTW, yeah, Insanity and Asylum have a lot of jumping. I've got sore knees from my extreme sport days, plus a car accident 12 years ago, and I usually end up sore after my HIIT routines, but my orthopedist says I'm all good, I just need to continue with my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Church's Goer I have adapted a similar routine. I've been doing a workout with supersets for two muscle groups at a time, on a two day split. Day 1 - Back and Chest - exercise example is do as many pullups as possible for 30 secs, immediately followed by 30 secs on bench (I've been using a plate on either side - trust me, it's enough come the third set - occasionally I will do pushups instead, feet elevated). 30 secs rest...
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