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Nice rambling, H. I've read about how attorneys adjust their attire depending on its audience and the message they want to project and I've tried to apply the principles. However, in my country the projections are mostly between big timers, corporate, criminal or small town attorneys. Nonetheless, I do notice what you are saying because my approach towards my colleagues sometimes is affected by my visual perception of them, and of course, the first impression is their attire.
Apparently Vox found another teat to suck from, cuz he hasn't been seen since the transfer.....
/thread. Some places, like this li'l island I call home, have distribution contract laws which protect distributors from situations like this one. I guess Leffot simply reminded EG of their contract. They had no obligation whatsoever of contacting OP, since they had already agreed to cancel his order and it was EG's fault.
I like this a lot, TB. I would've personally gone with darker shoes as said above, but only because I think the pink and the white combined clash a bit with the rest of the outfit. Maybe if the shirt was solid and you wore seersucker pants, both would harmonize more.Like!!
Thanks, guys.
Or, drop it on the dryer as I did by mistake, and end up with an action figure sized sweater.....
Rainy as hell summer. Today's sunny outside, so it's time to take the cream linen out.
BB shirts, no matter how "slim" the fit, are apparently made with the same body type/shape in mind: pear shaped pot bellied men. ESF's fit me right in the shoulders and huge on my waist. Sure, I recon I have an aggressive drop and will need tailoring on 99% of OTR shirts, but in your case it is ridiculous.
Thanks for reminding me of my childhood.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I grow my own mint on the balcony. Now that gives me an idea... I need limes, though. I've tried to. I have a green thumb for ornamental plants, but am a total fail when trying to grow a home garden. Anyway I go to this gourmet supermarket where they sell it in bulk and the leaves are huge.
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