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Great. Hope you'll be able to fix it. Thanks
I don't know if this has been addressed already, so please excuse me if it's a repost. When I'm browsing through the classifieds, if I hit the back button, I'm always redirected to the first page of the classifieds. This happens if I'm on a specific page, or looking a particular classified. On a page I dont have a problem, because if I click non the number of the previous page, it'll redirect me there, but on a specific classified, there's no way of overriding this. Please...
If you're referring to Ken's pic, yes, I know. However, watch the movie and you'll understand the reference.
Nice ascot!!!!
Creatine in tablets. That's the way I eliminate gastrointestinal effects. I'm currently using GNC's AMP Amplified Creatine.
Ive seen so many fake characters on different boards/forums and Victor fits the profile to a T. Let's just hope I'm wrong this time, cuz I'd love being him. Rob, I'll be 38 in September. I wish I had a deck and a pool to make the dive, lol!!!
Where's the tommy gun?Very nice, and over here would be perfectly acceptable for State Court appearances.
Two thumbs up, HF!! Simple, but the fit is great.
Retouch of my first tattoo after almost 17 years: Before: After (already healed): I'm planning on adding more details around it soon, in order to cover more of the shoulder blade. PD: I know the bio hazard symbol is looked as an ordinary tattoo, but to me it has special significance, because it attracts me since I was a little kid, long before the band and before it became an "ordinary" tat.
My first boss applied this principle to his office. He had never remodeled it since he opened it in the early 70's. He said his clients were poor, and he could not afford that they thought he was gonna rip their money off of them. Sure, I think he was just justifying himself and his mess, but I can validate his point to a certain level. (Since her daughter inherited the office, she made a simple remodeling and it looks a lot nicer.) Comparatively, corporate clients tend to...
New Posts  All Forums: