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Remember that most people mistake big clothes for comfortable clothes and SA's tend to sell this way. Go back to the store and try on a smaller size. If it fits you better (I'm certain it will), go to your tailor and see if he can let out the sleeves back. If he can, return to to the store and exchange.
Pants still too long. Jacket seems big at the waist and chest. It may get better by taking the waist in a bit, but you might've been better off sizing down.
Most people don't take a shower after using the bathroom, and even if that were the case, sometimes nature calls after you've just had a shower. Sometimes you're in a rush, sometimes you don't want the hassle of having a full shower, etc. A bidet is a good thing. The next best thing is having moist towels everywhere you go.
I also believe my hairloss was boosted by increased testo production from lifting weights (no anabolic steroids) Thankfully my shedding was very mild. I began using Propecia in '98 and the shedding stopped completely after several months. I used it consistently for about 4-5 years and since then, I have been on and off, having lost only part of the extra growth I achieved when I used it consistently.I have not read nor seen evidence of the gyno side effects claim, but...
What do you mean by "hollow back"?
Interesting handle, tumadre. lol!!
I own a tie very similar to this one. I toned it down with a blue shirt and gray suit. Haven't worn it in about 4 years...
I don't like the effect the tab collar creates in relation to the lapels and tie. Otherwise, nice court outfit!
Exactly. Striped and patterned shirts tend to hide darts a lot better than plain colored ones. I prefer darts to unsightly bunching. BTW, I wear my casual shirts just a bit tighter than my business ones, but not enough as to cause the pulling seen in that guy's shirt. That is just plain uncomfortable. Another thing that helps with avoiding ballooning shirts is to get them without pleats. Center pleats add a ton of material to the lower rear part of a shirt.
I've found that the best way to totally eliminate the ballooning is by a good balance between slimming the sides and darting. I can get the same slim effect by taking in the sides only, but then I'll have some pulling when sitting and/or the shirt will be too tight on the hips, having to unbutton the button closest to the hem, although this is not a problem. I have a very difficult body type because I am short and have a very athletic body from years of training. With a...
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