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Selvedged is a great seller with great communication and fast shipment. I received my jeans today and they're great quality raw selvedge denim. A nice blank canvas to adjust to your own personal fading. Can't wait to wear mine out!
You can drink and still lose weight and/or cut. Instead of getting plastered, or drinking gallons of beer, try 2-3 whiskeys with coconut water and alternate them with glasses of water. I do that and the alcohol content of the whiskey gets me the correct happy buzz, the water helps to keep me hydrated and not go over the 3 drink limit and the coconut water replenishes electrolytes so you wont have a headache and feel tired and you can do your workout the next day. If your...
What he said. Ventless jacket. I havent tried it myself, but I have a single vented one that needs tailoring and I'll ask the tailor to close the vent to see how it goes. As it is, the single vent opens a lot worse than double vents.
Yes they do. Add a bunch of material to the lower back portion of the shirt, which is good if you are pear shaped or have a considerable gut, but absolutely horrendous if you're thin or athletic. The only thing to consider when ordering a pleatless shirt is that you'll have less to no room for the sleeves to stay in place when moving your arms to the front of your body or over your head. If this bothers you, you can order the shirt with a bit of a longer sleeve.
It dropped almost 20 in. of rain when it passed round here, and it was just a baby then.
^^ Non themed entries should be disqualified and deleted on a daily basis.
This, and, as others said, take them to a reputable tailor.
I spat my coffee!!!
Nice fitting polo, Acrid. Not a fan of boat shoes with chinos, but you rock them well. Do I see ink?
My Lord!!! Amazing ties, Ed.
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