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This pretty much sums it perfectly and accurately, since my chest/waist measurements are the same.
LOL. I've never seen ankles with ribbing!!! I agree they look matchy matchy but could pass as good because of the casualness of the outfit. I do have a pair of Pantherellas in that tone of pink but with gray and blue "sprinkles" that may have been a less matchy choice.
If you're balding, please don't.
You beat me to it! lol
Get disgusted by each pair of squared toed shoes, yard of excessive pant leg or lack of shirt cuff that passes you by.
Am I missing something?
Nice. I was thinking shoulder too. I do know my share about saints having been raised as a Catholic too. I've been thinking about having my coat of arms done. However, when I investigated, there are more than a hundred different coats corresponding to my last name. I'd have to dig very deep in my pedigree to see if I can determine the exact one, something I think will almost be impossible. Nonetheless, there is one which has the exact colors as the coat of the city I was...
Thanks for the explanation. Looking good. Where will the saints be located?
Holdfast, I'd rather much like that outfit with a more casual jacket. I've never been a fan of SCs over polo shirts.
Idem. It doesn't look slim, fitted or too small in any way.
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