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I have never destroyed a pair of jeans the way I've seen jeans destroyed in this and other jean threads. Not even my "lawn mowing/gardening" jeans, which are a 12 y/o pair of Gap widelegs is in such condition. Sure, I've never worn the same pair of jeans everyday for a long period of time, but nevertheless, I am baffled.
You shouldn't be surprised there are others who dwell on this side of the forums who can switch from MC to SW&D, and also appreciate and WEAR the aesthetic. I really like that jacket, although I don't think I could pull it off without getting the "Mira, Michael Jackson!!" shout every ten seconds. BTW, what are the sneaks? I need a pair of white ones that look substantial like those.
Rob, are those pants as tight as they look? I always wonder how do I look in my Mabis from a third person perspective and now I think I know, lol! Anyways, they always get praise from the female crowd, as well as the huge quads hiding under them. I still want bigger quads but it may be at the expense of retiring a couple of my favorite trous and jeans.As others have said, the cap detracts from the amazing jacket. Save it for the gym.
It is as rude as telling a guy that he has to remove the basting on his jacket's vents. Arrrgh! I see that almost every day.
LULZ!!Thankfully my loan's a "bicycle payment" as we say over here and I've expanded my practice to the point I can work in almost any area, except taxes and bankruptcy, ugh!
It may be caused by several things, or combination of them. Most shirts are cut "generously" on the waist, to accomodate for people with wider waists. So, if you're athletic and the shirt is cut this way, you're gonna have a lot of excess material that will "blouse", "flare" or "sail". The solution is to take the shirt to your favorite tailor and have it taken in at the sides, darted or a combination of both. If your shirt is MTM or bespoke, you have to take this into...
This is what I do.
Where to kop that awesome jacket?
Plus one! Everything great except for the skin socks.PD: There should be an "I Dig" emoticon, lol
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