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Ace, I'm looking for a pair of suede captoes. Which are yours?
Ace, I concur with the sentiment. I'd try to slim the cords a bit. Dig, the sleeves on the SC are as short as they should be any shorter would look bad. Either keep the disheveled look or discard it.
Ace, I can relate to your tucked/untucked polo dilemma. There are very few polos that are short enough for me to wear untucked and look good. I am just 5'3", so you can get the picture. There are some kids' polos that are perfect, but in some, the proportions are off. Years ago I used to go for the tucked look, but I too figured it looked too dorky or plain bad, since I'm muscular and figured I looked stocky. Nowadays, I gravitate between the untucked (always like this...
Nice polo. Deets?
Coaster brake is the exact term.
Channeling the SW&D crowd: "Hit the gym."
I had a healthy wardrobe of skate T's, mainly Powell Peralta and Zorlac in the late 80's, early 90's which I alternated with my metal band and surf brand T's...
I was also a Toughskin wearer in elementary school, and Levis twill jeans (school's uniform) in middle and high. For weekend/party wear in the 80's, I took my cues from Miami Vice. I didn't own any Cavariccis but since I was a skater/surfer dude in the early 90's, I had the equivalent Jimmy'z, which I wore with Tevas or Doc Martens depending on the formality, lol. Nonetheless, I mostly wore surfer/skater brand shorts and tees during that era.
Caribbean nights cool at the end of September? Only if you're at 6,000 ft or more!
Very nice. This is almost exactly the way I usually dress to the office. Details on the trous?
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