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Yup, larger boy's sizes are your best bet. I'm 5'3" and have had good luck in Macy's boys dept. with brands such as Lacoste, Polo and Guess. If you're into more younger, casual stuff American Eagle polos in vintage fit should suit you well. Problem is, some seasons they release them with shorter hems, and others are too long.
Something from last Sunday's stroll.
Long time no post. Pic taken by my 6 y/o daughter and edited in the phone by herself.
Not true regarding the whey they sell at Costco. I've been using it for quite some time as my "basic" protein. (I also use Dymatize XE) It has almost no carbs and no sugar. The calories are almost exclusively from the protein itself.Its this one:They have it in chocolate and vanilla and tastes and feels better that ON's whey.
1. Reduce calorie intake below your daily expenditure so the body uses its energy reserves (fat) 2. High intensity interval workouts work better than long cardio sessions. 3. Low sodium and lots of water. 4. Weighted ab exercises to develop abs which'll pop out when bodyfat level is low. No abs exercises= flat stomach but no six pack unless you'e 4% bf. You can go ahead and deposit $39.95 into my Paypal account.
Never used it as an aftershave, but it reminds me of my grandfather. He used it for everything. As a congestion relief rub, to treat ant bites, hell, he even used it as an after shower splash, lol!!!! The scent wont last the whole day, but it is indeed strong. I dunno where you live, but here in PR, where it is produced, if you smell like "alcoholado" (Bay Rum) you're either ill or very old.
Nice "midlife crisis" edit.
LOL!Last week I felt cold at the office since it rained a lot. During the weekend I finally took out my merino V necks and wore one today for a total of 2 hours. Yep, the sun's out again.
For reference purposes, How tall are you or the person wearing the jacket?
This. Works perfectly, a lot better than tucking inside the pant.
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