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I'm still not convinced a deficit is a bad thing, actually I think it's a good thing. And I don't see why we'd have to inflate out of it. If anything, the adjustment will be that the yuan appreciates vs the dollar (which it has and I believe will continue to do). Which is even more of a good thing for us. We are indeed one of the most productive economies per capita, but how is this relevant? If China catches up (which they most likely will), this only means they will...
But you know yourself that inflation is not high and hasn't been high. If anything the money supply for businesses is probably low. I understand that given inflation we'll have the problems you mentioned, but why is inflation a necessary outcome of our debt? Our children will produce in the future to "repay our debts", but they will be compensated for it via getting our paper money back.
Ron, I really like your baker analogy but I've a point to sort out. When you say we print out a certain amount of money (say to china who holds a ton of our debt) why is this a problem? If you look at it, they hold currency, which is essentially the right to buy a certain amount of goods/services at a future date. If they decide to "cash out" and spend this money, then they will stimulate our economy by directly driving up demand. Why is this a problem? Thanks, Valor
I'd suggest you get the i7-2600 instead of the 6 core i7-970s, I don't think you really ever really utilize all 6 cores and it'd be about twice as expensive for slower speed. I have dual 24" monitors and it's pretty awesome, I do not play wow though so I don't know anything about cata. A friend of mine played it for a week before quitting "forever."
Start at 5nl, and work your way up. Unless you really think you have basics down in which case I think 25nl is a good starting point. Just make sure your bankroll is sufficient for the variance. There are people who beat 400nl at a pretty good rate still. And there is a subtle difference between analytics and analysis, I mean analytics.
If you want to sell me 428$ of store credit for 220$ at BB, I'll take it.
That's pretty awesome, now I'm interested in what you do for a living, considering beating 400nl is about 200$/hr and 500k a year...
Are you a reg at 400nl? If so, why would you take a 6 month break. If not, wtf are you doing at 400nl?
There's a huge difference between "i win money off my friends" and "I'm good at poker." When you get into poker seriously, it's basically all about analytics and critical thinking. My advice: variance sucks get used to it.
And the generations of American's taught to hate Communism? To hate people from countries that are/were communist. Are all these people potential terrorists or extremists? Despite what you claim, you've a very very narrow world view.
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