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All of the gold in the world is worth less than US annual GDP. And if you have a gold standard, what happens when new things are made? Do old things become worth less or do you magically print more gold?
Quote: Originally Posted by saint This isn't much of a PSA, but the Off Fifth in Franklin Mills has a pair of EG dark oak captoes on the 202 last (forget the name of the model) in 7.5D for $390 after discount. If these are oxfords...someone proxy it for me!
Ask Manton?
1. Every other country 2. France
I said credentials, not abilities. There are a few PHDs, the problem is if you're mid 30s with a PHD and you want to transition into finance, only companies that want you are ones that want quants and if you're good enough at math/sci to be a quant, you can just learn some finance (how to price a bond wahoo!) on the side and get a job as a quant. I'm just telling you the facts, placement is definitely not 30% overall, it's lower. Most of the internationals end up...
In light of this thread, I would suggest you not pursue any of the programs we discussed in PM. There are students similar to you with stronger credentials, and all of them are struggling for the jobs you're seeking. Also, you your citizenship is probably one of the biggest factors in hiring qualified candidates these days.
The one on 5th ave does. They also have them on sale fairly often.
Sizing in UK or US?
Come up with a good one liner?
Me: Middle Class People who have more: Rich snobs People who have less: Dirty Plebs /snark As Rach has said, it's quite nuanced so IDK.
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