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Anything between $100-500, not burgundy, more of cherry or oak.
I'd suggest you get the i7-2600 instead of the 6 core i7-970s, I don't think you really ever really utilize all 6 cores and it'd be about twice as expensive for slower speed. I have dual 24" monitors and it's pretty awesome, I do not play wow though so I don't know anything about cata. A friend of mine played it for a week before quitting "forever."
Start at 5nl, and work your way up. Unless you really think you have basics down in which case I think 25nl is a good starting point. Just make sure your bankroll is sufficient for the variance. There are people who beat 400nl at a pretty good rate still. And there is a subtle difference between analytics and analysis, I mean analytics.
If you want to sell me 428$ of store credit for 220$ at BB, I'll take it.
That's pretty awesome, now I'm interested in what you do for a living, considering beating 400nl is about 200$/hr and 500k a year...
Are you a reg at 400nl? If so, why would you take a 6 month break. If not, wtf are you doing at 400nl?
There's a huge difference between "i win money off my friends" and "I'm good at poker." When you get into poker seriously, it's basically all about analytics and critical thinking. My advice: variance sucks get used to it.
Brown is not a real school /Vox Honestly, full ride to UF is better than going to Brown.
Online poker.
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