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In light of this thread, I would suggest you not pursue any of the programs we discussed in PM. There are students similar to you with stronger credentials, and all of them are struggling for the jobs you're seeking. Also, you your citizenship is probably one of the biggest factors in hiring qualified candidates these days.
The one on 5th ave does. They also have them on sale fairly often.
Sizing in UK or US?
Come up with a good one liner?
I'm in one of the programs you mentioned. You can pm me questions if you have em. The biggest question is do you know what you want to do?
You are selling for spot + 5.29 per oz? Is this a joke? How about I sell you 10 kilos of silver at spot + 5$ an ounce?
Apply to every company in the S+P 500. No, I'm not kidding.
How negotiable, for say...everything.
Anything between $100-500, not burgundy, more of cherry or oak.
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