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Wool/Cotton ones. Anywhere between 50-80$ a pop. Thanks, Valor
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien You want a trench that isn't waterproof? Kinda defeats the entire point of a trench coat no?
To falsely quote AF: "I got mine so fuck the rest of you!"
Skip that part and take him shopping, if possible have your mother do it or something. If that fails, buy him appropriate attire as gifts. In the end, he's still your father.
I looked at their site, seems to look too much like the cheap low quality umbrellas, are these made to last?
Tell him you're gay and take him shopping.
Maybe around $50-$75 range, what to get? In NYC if that's relevant. Thanks
Are Pictures up on the money clip? I'm interested but can't look at pictures while at work.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Sounds like a bunch of crap. The female to male transmission of the HIV is like .04%. Because straight couples can't do anal.
I'm a business analyst, I have nothing to do with IT although I do know how to code and sometimes I do run data analytics.
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