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Do you have details on the lens? f-number etc? Along with picture of the body/lens?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nereis There's a difference between a professional interview and a part time job. Completely agree here. There's definitely no need to wear a suit for an interview to be a lifeguard. Just dress comfortably and not flashy.
Isn't it really easy to add some random questions to the registration process? (what is the name of this forum?) and ask questions say every 10 posts that require you to actually be at your computer.
up to $400 but preferably in the 200 range
How good of a suit you need mostly depends on what kind of culture the firm you're interviewing with has.
Prefer Navy but will consider almost any color. Looking mostly for a Zegna or similar calibre
Can you provide pictures you've taken with the camera?
Sent you a pm
So CT has a decent sale for 40$ per shirt, Lewin also has a sale for about 40$ a shirt and Modern Tailor is in the same price range, which is best and is there a place to buy Lewin shirts in New York or is it only online ordering? Thanks
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