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This is a very loaded question but I will try to field it. The answer depends very broadly on what you want to do, what sort of school you go to, and how well placed your family is to help you do what you want to do. The first question you want to ask is what do you want to do there are certain professions that care A LOT about GPA. The second question is, how does your family play into this. If you have a very successful uncle who happens to be a Partner at some firm...
1. Get a pan 2. Pick Random veggies 3. Pick random meat 4. Stir fry
Is it me or do the colors seem very different from what you're describing? for the RLPL ties, the second one is more of a cyan color and the third is silver not gold? Maybe my computer monitor is doing funny things or the pictures didn't come out well?
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Most people in Paris are thin, thank goodness. The occasional fatty, but more often than not it's an American tourist. Nothing compared to the North American cities I used to live in, where everyone was at least 30lb. overweight and the women were all swamp donkeys. This is mostly because women in Paris smoke two packs a day. Generally I think the colder the climate, the thinner the people and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral I have a navy 2 button Canali (orphaned from a suit, worn once) in mint condition size 38R. yours for $125! Sent a pm, More specifically I'm looking for 2 buttons and preferably side vented
Quote: Originally Posted by leon12 Drop. Arg why isn't this in 38S =(
Pretty sure the solution is crack rocks, crystal and a healthy dose of smack. On a more serious note, it all depends how skinny/fat you are and definitely what you eat.
This seems promising...
Do you have details on the lens? f-number etc? Along with picture of the body/lens?
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