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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I looked into this a little last night and man is it hilarious. Overall, my impression that China will conquer the US some time this century has not changed but we maybe should push back the predicted date by a decade or two. Does this mean you're less paranoid? Isn't this what I've been saying?
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire While I do not deny that there seems to be a distinct anti-intellectual contingent in the religous right there is also an equally distinct, and quite possibly larger, complete embrace of the pseudo-intellectual by many to the left of center. Personally, I think this is more harmful as it is more insidious, allowing those lacking critical thinking skills to claim "science" is on their side. I hate liberals...
No matter how stupid this article seems, I think it points my biggest problem with the direction conservatism in the US is going. I really don't like the disdain for intellectualism and science that conservatives are continuously embracing. Instead of the solid economic and social principles conservatives should appeal to, we instead refer to science, intellectuals, economists etc with phrases like "fuzzy math" and champion politicians like Sarah Palin and Michele...
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Non of them really. Excalibur was pretty good as far as hack and slash goes. And some of the old Errol Flynn type movies had some good fencing. Some of those old school guys were actually legit fencers. This gets me too. The sword hasn't been used effectively in battle since more or less Roman times and only in a very very specific setting. You could probably argue the legions wouldn't even needs swords...
Perhaps a faint shadow of metro?
Size 36 in burberrry. Double breasted only please. Prefer NWT. Thanks, Valor
Saw DSK with his security detail yesterday, that was interesting...
He quit without giving notice, you don't have to write shit. Beware, if he uses you as a reference I think it's illegal to say anything negative about him other than the fact that he worked for you during the period he claims.
Every time I hear someone talk about going back to the gold standard, I cringe and feel smarter.
You're a manager and you can't get one of the peons to take out the trash?
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