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Didn't like Passage to India at all. Currently reading Collected Fictions by Borges
You guys are so cute together.
Thank God Conne went to Princeton Law, now he's set.
If you work 77 hours a week at a BB bank, you're probably getting fired, or the most amazing thing since sliced bread.
Can we just add this to one of the functions of SF, because buying stuff via looking through 30 threads where half the titles don't even say a size or color is really tiresome.
20 PTO 10 Sick 10 Jury 5 Military 13 Holidays
International is 65k miles or something...and lol...400 for 25k miles.
For every interview in which the interviewers replied to my thank you emails, I've gotten an offer. Although I've gotten offers where they didn't reply.
Quote: Originally Posted by saint This isn't much of a PSA, but the Off Fifth in Franklin Mills has a pair of EG dark oak captoes on the 202 last (forget the name of the model) in 7.5D for $390 after discount. If these are oxfords...someone proxy it for me!
Ask Manton?
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