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Sarcasm doesn't go well on the internets.
So if you tax people like Piob a lot more, then we can give it to those 64% and they'll have 1k emergency funds! Brilliant!
Not sure if this is the right place to ask but, does anyone know if the ebayer Sartoriale is an SF member?
Is undertipping (below 15%) common? I live in NYC and all of my friends tip 20% standard pretty much never more or less. I don't really see where the complaints are coming from. One meal with a group of 3-4 is like 30$ worth of tip which is more than some of you are saying you make a whole night...
Well debt isn't strictly cheaper than equity it is up to a certain %. Debt financing is only superior to equity finance in vanilla corporate finance. In the real world only retarded banks will lend you really high amounts of money without there being a lot of equity cushion. All of what you said is certainly reasons to not IPO, the biggest being the paperwork and costs associated with it, but lets be realistic, how else will you get your profit? In most startups, half of...
Debt financing is risky and most people are in business to make a profit, they can't really realize that profit without an IPO or some sort of sale.
This is incorrect, according to Ibbotson, Sindelar and Ritter (1994), the average IPO is underpriced by 15% meaning you get 15% abnormal return over the market from the IPO price. There are lots of arguments for why the underwriter (I-Bank) underprices the security for the IPO despite their incentive to overprice (they get 7% of the money raised). I don't really want to get into their incentives but they generally do underprice and they actually don't profit from it, at...
The solution is taxes.
In NIB or very very good condition please.
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. This post is filled with stupidity. The word was the main battle weapon right up until the late middle ages. It was the pinnacle of close quarter combat, with a huge range of uses, and the rapid technological developments show how much they were valued. It wasn't until the introduction of crossbows and then firearms that the sword fell from the main battle weapon. And even then it was the best personal weapon (reach,...
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