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I wonder what the confirmation window will be, because I would go broke looking through B+S in 5 minutes if purchasing only required a thought.
We currently do not have the infrastructure for NFC payments. Only a few cell phones have it (Nexus I think?). The technology is not new but its being adopted in different fields (New Delhi Transit, payments in Singapore, some transit in Japan and Europe). A lot of big companies (google in particular) are advocating this and supposed the next Iphone will be NFC enabled.
Pictures of soles please.
If you have the Amex Gold or plat, getting it every year for the 500-1000$ in bonuses is a pretty good deal. And if you have prime credit (which you should given you can get those cards) cancelling your card every year doesn't really hurt at all in the grand scheme of things.
Franz Liszt
Haven't been paying attention to the debates, who should I vote for?
Go to Nordstrom Rack/Costco or Mens wearhouse
I don't see why so many people are against CGT increased to ordinary income levels. Could someone explain why they think CG should be lower than ordinary income?
Pretty sure we were trying to blow it up because we knew this would happen. Its just political maneuvering at this point
Just by sheer volume the smartest and dumbest kids at any ivy are going to be public school kids. The prep school kids from elite prep schools are definitely above average but then again the average is always pretty mediocre given the way recruiting works.
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