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A student was expelled from Princeton for this reason a few years ago.
Why are people worried about China building stealth fighters if you guys wouldn't even sit in their cars? Such a huge disconnect.
Quote: Originally Posted by ClambakeSkate Fuck the Chinese. I try as hard as I can (and as much as I can afford) to buy as little as possible from that hell hole. This made me giggle.
Article was A+.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I guess the unambiguous nature of WWII pretty much depends what side you were on, no? You find the A-bombing of Japan to be unambiguously morally justified? The rape of Berlin? You bring up a very interesting point, I think most Americans like to think WWII is morally unambiguous, and I suppose compared many other wars, it is more "justified." I've never heard the phrase "rape of Berlin" and unless you're...
Is it me or are all the computer sales threads in FS:O just comical?
Do they teach humanities at Princeton Law school or did you skip all your classes?
Not going to lie, this is fucking brilliant.
There are some interesting trades in cotton these days, my friend specializes in trading futures, I believe he is partially the reason for the increase in prices as he holds about 40% of open interest on the CBOE.
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