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I prefer an 11 page resume with a video. Also, I make sure to tape some washingtons on top to make it classy.
A+ Thread, would read again.
How much did these sell for?
If they have verified paypal they have a bank account, if they don't have verified paypal they have pretty much nothing. I have a hard time with this because I'm a small timer buyer/seller on BS and a I don't want people refusing to deal with me, but I'd also like to be protected from scammers.
Too much devotion to enjoying life instead of success.
Quote: Originally Posted by caldervale Tweed. That's hawt.
Your school's career services should provide workshops.
Unless you think you're very competitive, I wouldn't transfer if you want to go to law school. As other posters have said, it's 95% GPA/LSATs and getting a higher GPA at a better school is a lot harder (cept Harvard). Given that you don't think you can get into Columbia, I would probably stay at USC and work on having a 3.9+ and getting a 165+ on LSATs which should get you into a decent law school (T14 at least) whereas if you had a 165+ and a 3.5 at NYU you wouldn't get...
Still looking for a winter scarf, loro piana or similar quality. Priced around 50-75$
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