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I don't think even the top 20% of HLS students can get BigLaw jobs, definitely not now. If you're not T14, you can all but count on not getting a BigLaw job. I think a lot of law school students are way overconfident about their abilities, I mean seriously, if you can't even get into a T14 school, you expect to make 160k?
Guys, if you're looking into credit cards and have to seriously consider APR rates, you're definitely not baller and definitely doing it wrong.
Pics of soles?
On styleforum, 700 is really a fallback score. Most members score 790+.
2 months should get you an 800 on GMAT.
I welcome all comments, but I'm more thick skinned than most on here.
I haven't figured out what gets you time out. Clearly there are obvious rules about spam and porn, but I honestly don't see the problem with some good ole fashioned vitriol. The line I think can be arbitrary at times with some members getting away with more and others with less. As long as rules are stated clearly above each subforum (and I think they should all differ) I've no problem with rules.
Hookers and Blow.
That beige trench looks sublime, someone buy it for me for christmas!
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