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Pics of soles?
On styleforum, 700 is really a fallback score. Most members score 790+.
2 months should get you an 800 on GMAT.
I welcome all comments, but I'm more thick skinned than most on here.
I haven't figured out what gets you time out. Clearly there are obvious rules about spam and porn, but I honestly don't see the problem with some good ole fashioned vitriol. The line I think can be arbitrary at times with some members getting away with more and others with less. As long as rules are stated clearly above each subforum (and I think they should all differ) I've no problem with rules.
Hookers and Blow.
That beige trench looks sublime, someone buy it for me for christmas!
Buy a Tiffany's box for 50$ and call it a day.
Not familiar with him, what price point?
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