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Find a friend who lives there and crash for free.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt made a small addition there... Complete agree. GDL, if you are serious about what you said, then ask the candidate what types of companies and roles he's applying for, not the specific companies. I've had interviewers ask me what companies I've applied for and the dates of their offer expiration which is completely not their business. If they want to know about your competition and such to ask it in a much...
While I understand why you (as an employer) would want to know the answer to this question, it is really disingenuous to say you're asking if he's focused. The purpose of the question is to gauge urgency and find out about your competitors. And honestly, it's none of your business.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Do you know jack squat about history, you dunce? The Byzantine Empire! Except for a few spurts of expansionism, it was mostly in a holding pattern or retreat. Alexander the Great was a very humane conquerer and popular with many peoples he overran. The Roman Empire was very much a piecemeal creation and very popular with its subjects in many areas--to compare it to Genghis Khan or Tamerlane is rank stupidity, as...
It's spring break, everyone is trying to LEAVE NYC.
It's a 6 hour job for 300$...just do the chargeback.
That monitor is 320$ full retail, on sale it goes for about 250$ or less...
I said the analogy was elegant, not Trading. And I guess I missed whatever was about painting =(
I think the analogy is fairly elegant with respect to trading culture which the movie portrays. If you're saying the economy as a whole or finance as a whole it might be false. Dividends doesn't actually effect anything, it's just part of the valuation, along with the other things you mentioned. The movie (both first and second) show a trading floor and for me, only reference the trading aspect of finance, in which "value" is neither created nor destroyed. The only...
Why is it least true? At least in reference to trading, it's more or less true.
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