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Seriously can we get an IP ban on I prefer no porn pops up when I'm browsing at work.
Look at intro textbooks in corp fin, or for more advanced stuff, read hull (options futures derivatives).
Sultan's dowry problem at work. She may be late in the game!
To be honest, when I wear nice shoes, I love the pitter-patter it makes. Gives a calming sort of feeling.
Does this mean there are no price drops? I was sad to see the wingtips had rubber soles =(
What's the point of spamming an english site in Russian, there can't be more than a few dozen people who can even read it here.
Good for them, so it's harder for you to bone them.
A tea house.
Quote: Originally Posted by caxt This is where I'm coming from. As a history major in a half decent state school, with a good gpa I have busted my ass for what exactly is the alternative? I'm sure some exist, but is the fucking HR dept really going to care about my 3.9 versus a 3.6? With the time I have invested in college I want to see some steady returns soon, and 30K a year doesn't do it for me. You have a 3.9 at a state school,...
I've seen some AEs going around recently. If anyone has a pair (NIB) size 8D in black I'd love to snag em.
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