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Are either school even top 10 in MA English? I just googled some rankings and they're not showing up. I wouldn't spend money on a non top 10 program for a masters, that's basically blowing money away on something almost completely worthless.
Read what Manton wrote, then read it again. Wait 2 days, and read it again. People ALWAYS overestimate their ability in things like this. Sure I know some people who became professors, but I don't think people realize AT ALL how hard it is these days. There are thousands more qualified PHDs than professorships. I know people who are top top of their field (as Manton says, Harvard PHDs) who can't find jobs at tier 2 and even 3 universities. Everyone thinks they're...
Princeton has a class size of 1200, of the people who want to go to Law school, there are probably 400 students (Philosophy, History, PoliSci, English, and WWS to a much lesser extent, Econ are the majors who generally go into law). Of these 400 students, probably 200 of them are actually academically competitive. YLS accepts 1-2 students from Princeton a year, you want to be top 1% at Princeton, it seems rather difficult it's not something you can just "work hard" to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington Yeah, but hindsight is 20/20. If I would have known better I might have: 1) Studied my ass of in HS 2) Attended Princeton 3) Studied my ass off at Princeton 4) Rhodes Scholar 5) YLS 6) Clerk for a Supreme Court Justice 7) State Department But life doesn't work like that, at least not for most of us. Most of us screw up for awhile and then snap out of it one day and try to put something good together...
A headhunter.
I think I sent some messages to Imagewis regarding this before, but I was in a similar situation once. 1. NYC costs about 2.5x as much as Florida. 2. If you have a finance degree from a Florida school, you're not finding a job that's not complete bullshit if you haven't found one already. 3. You probably can't afford most parts of Manhattan without a solid job. 4. Living in Queens/Brooklyn ain't bad at all. 5. You can't afford UWS unless you live North of 110ish in...
Is this financial models as in quantitative finance, or corp fin. There's a pretty big difference between the two.
If you intend to climb Hua Shan, you should know it is fairly difficult and about a hundred people die a year climbing it.
I wasn't alive in 1976, so I definitely wasn't cool back then.
Javyn, you might be right, but that doesn't mean iammatt is wrong. I completely agree with what he says, but I admit reality is far from his words.
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