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Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's I don't care about pissing people off. How am I supposed to deal with a religion that condones/encourages violent acts against everyone who does not see things their way after a time? Really WTF am I supposed to do with that? You don't see any irony here?
So, are we Carthage or are we the Romans. I need to know because I'm willing to switch sides before my city is burned to the ground.
Brown is not a real school /Vox Honestly, full ride to UF is better than going to Brown.
Link doesn't work!
Online poker.
I read the Times for entertainment value and because it's well written.
NFG if i were to guess. Probably get better traction on some audio sites or the bay.
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 In the sciences, and especially in engineering, I would say this claim is laughable. Do explain, and in what context?
2 hour meetings at 9pm about legal phrasing are not fun.
Masters programs everywhere are cash cows for universities looking to churn out degrees. You are cannon fodder and nothing more no matter where you go. Also you're a second class citizen applying for PHDs in the US because if you were any good you wouldn't need a master's degree. I say this as a masters student at a tier 1 institution, the good thing is my employer is paying for my degree. And I don't know what you mean by tiers but if it's not top 10 in general,...
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