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If you make the SF minimum of 250k/yr, after tax you should have about 150k which is about 12k a month to spend. Here's how you should break it down: 1k-Rent 5k-Clothing 1k-Food 3k-Hookers 2k-Blow whats left-savings
Save as much as you can. Cash under pillow -> Checking -> Savings -> Retirement -> Investment Vehicles Generally people recommend 6 months living (including rent) that you keep liquid (more liquid than savings)
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Just tell them straight up "Your offer is significantly less than what I have researched to be the minimum amount for an ex-patriot to live Singapore The word is expatriate, ex-patriot is something different, and you teach english? Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I was also considering playing a little harder back with something like. "In contrast to my offer from the British...
Analytics is not for everyone, I think only you alone can decide whether you have the skillset or not to do it. You mentioned you were good at VBA, which as with most programming languages, is fairly "analytical" in nature. The difference is that business analytics requires a lot of "thought" and potentially real life experience. If you're going to look for a job, do it now, not after you're terminated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Your major doesn't matter nearly as much as people here say it does. I was an English major and do finance. I know a lot of History majors who are ballers at law firms, banks, and consultancies right now. And so on. If I had the choice to go back and do it over again, I'd pick CS in a heartbeat. But hindsight is 20/20, so what can you do? The fact that I'm not the tech badass I could have been has not really...
Say I buy the humidor you posted, what do I do in terms of maintenance to keep the cigars the right humidity and temperature? I'm quite confused on all the gels/foams etc I would need to use.
Is there a place where I can read a quick guide on cigar storage and accessories? I've smoked maybe 5-6 cigars, I've enjoyed them but don't really know where to start.
Moved from West Palm to NYC. The weather sucks here, but honestly there aren't that many jobs for professionals in FL unless you're in IT. And NYC is way more exciting than FL unless you're in Miami.
Live like a monk for 2 months and pay off your credit card debt, and in the future, don't spend money you don't have.
If you can, you should pay off your debts, because paying 9% interest is way more than you could get with savings unless you were a fairly savvy investor or very wealthy. If you have student loans odds are the interest rate is way lower on those than 9%.
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