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All pants are NWT Incotex with all the bells and whistles you'd expect (curtain waistband, split back, unhemmed, spare button etc). All Prices Include shipping within the US (save $10 per additional pair), for Intl add 25$ All payment via paypal (you pay fees) I will most likely post photos later or upon request. 1. Size 36 Grey (fairly light), 100% Wool Super 130s (flat front) Made in Portugal Waist: 17.5 Rise: 10.5 Thigh: 11 Opening: 9 Inseam: 38 SOLD 2. Size 34 Grey...
Playing live is a pain in the ass, it takes me a few hours to get to a casino (I live in NYC), I'm insanely bored because my opponents are retarded but I only get 30 hands an hour, and the AC crowd really aren't people I want to have a conversation with. Plus, I can't watch a movie or something while I'm playing at a casino.
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$100 > $80 > $75 Each Prices include shipping to the Continental US(pm for international shipping), add 4% for paypal. First pair I bought from another forum member, but they're a little big on me. Dark Navy Size 32 (marked EU50) Super 100s 100% Wool Pants (double pleated) Measurements: Waist: 16.5 Rise: 12.5 Thigh: 12.5 Opening: 8.5 Inseam: 31 Price: $100 Second pair is NWT White 3-ply Chinos Size 30 (marked EU48) 100% Cotton (flat front) Measurements: Waist:...
I want it...one size smaller =(
Pictures of soles please.
If you have the Amex Gold or plat, getting it every year for the 500-1000$ in bonuses is a pretty good deal. And if you have prime credit (which you should given you can get those cards) cancelling your card every year doesn't really hurt at all in the grand scheme of things.
Franz Liszt
Go to Nordstrom Rack/Costco or Mens wearhouse
Just by sheer volume the smartest and dumbest kids at any ivy are going to be public school kids. The prep school kids from elite prep schools are definitely above average but then again the average is always pretty mediocre given the way recruiting works.
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