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Needs to be One button, Peak Lapel, Satin Lapel, Satin Stripe. Thanks! Valor
Looking for a tux, preferably peak lapel. Thanks!
What's the consensus on the 1966 ELs? Worth the hype at $50 a stick?
Just got these directly from Sennheiser, but I like my audio technicas more since I was too lazy to buy an amp. Price is firm and includes shipping to CONUS.
I'll probably be there!
Hmm. thought you wanted to trade or something. You can get decent 5 or 10 packs for 4$ to 5$ a stick if you're on a tight budget. I suppose if you really want I could send you some random sticks I have laying around, certainly nothing cuban lol.
Hey Ed, What are you looking for?
All Prices include shipping to US, willing to ship internationally if buyer pays shipping. Payment via paypal preferred. 1. Size 34 Grey with a slight brown tint, 52% Silk 48% Wool Super 150s (flat front) Made In Portugal Waist: 17 Rise: 10.5 Thigh: 10 Opening: 9 Inseam: 38 $120>$110>$105 SOLD 2. Size 34 Olive, 100% Silk Super 120s (flat front) Made in Portugal Waist: 17.5 Rise:...
It sounds like you like the sweeter side of scotch. Try the Glendronach 15 year revival, it's not as common as the other suggestions, but its really a great speyside that works fantastic in spring/summer.
Got myself a Talisker 25 for an early Christmas present, still haven't had the heart to open it.
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