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There is five too many WIWT threads, ain't nobody got time for that.You're a turd, it's just clothing.As generous as I am with color and pattern, thats even a little too much purple for me. I have a lot of different ways I plan on wearing this suit though.Thanks for the kind words
Certainly no CBD but it is Southern Haberdashery approved: [[SPOILER]]
I'll have to leave that one up to the imagination but there was thousands of dimes.Its a navy blue blazer with MOP buttons. I would never wear and orphaned suit jacket but I can understand if ascots aren't your thing. I have a three piece cream linen suit in the making you'll have to stay tuned for. I would never wear a nice jacket to the horse race I attended, this was actually an old Brooks Brothers jacket I had my tailor hack up to make wearable.
Just some horse race thing.
Mr. Butch this is the cats pajamas.
Yesterday: Today:
Haha good or bad maestro?It has nothing to do with being quirky, in fact its far from it. With a three piece the tie has a tendency to become limp and lifeless under the vest, a tie bar adds a little extra dimension or texture to the tie, bringing it to life under the vest. There isn't a huge tie boner from any means in person, it just appears so because the picture is so close.The tie is actually Breuer France for our store from last Spring, easily one of my favorite...
Not for the faint of heart:
A little CBD for all the group thinkers. I'm finally back to work after missing Friday and Saturday due to a sinus infection: [[SPOILER]]
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