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Awesome. Any clue what the leg opening on the trousers is?
Aportnoy what is your opinion on Mazzarelli shirting, is that shirt bespoke?
Looking to purchase an Arnys Paris Veste Forestiere in a size 48 EU 38 US or size 46 EU 36 US. Please contact me if you have one for sale and we will work out pricing.
Does anyone have a picture of the Mazarelli blue stripe italian spread collar in action?
I don't speak spanish and I can say with certainty, "no bueno."
If this is the Ryder Cup of fabric and such, shouldn't everyone be fist pumping in their entry photos?
DerekS my fault for the undeserved comment. I was on a mean streak yesterday, you'll have to forgive me.
What it stinks of if anything, is that I see and wearing clothing differently than you. We're posting in a thread in which everyone is wearing custom clothing, which they picked out themselves or assisted in picking out. Everyone here "tries" to a certain extent. As a matter of fact each morning I wake up and have one less step to get ready than yourself, so wouldn't that mean you try harder than me?I think its funny that everyone gets riled up that I don't wear socks, yet...
A few photos from this past weekend in New York for my stepsisters wedding: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
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