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Off work today, so here are a couple from the end of last week.:
SugarButch would wear one of these
I don't have a Ferrari... I don't even have suit pants... [[SPOILER]]
On my screen it appears the red in the square and tie are the same shade, as well as the gray or lavender of the shirt the same as the background of the square.Maybe I'm wrong, if so, I recant. Everything is beautiful none the less.
Spoo everything is no doubt beautiful but the shirt, tie and square are a little matchy-matchy for my taste.
Finally got a decent fit picture of my linen suit: [[SPOILER]]
Go all out, or don't go at all.I'm about as serious as these shoes:
I usually do tuck my tie while wearing a vest but said f@*k it today, I am guilty as charged. I will never turn my rear blade in front of my front blade though! Stitch - I work at an old school haberdashery
New Posts  All Forums: