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Today we have beautiful shirtings from Eton Sweden all in their contemporary fit with nice dress collars and mitered cuffs. Prices are $265 FIRM shipped to your door. Blue Herringbone 15 3/4 16 1/2 17 1/2 18 Blue/ White Stripe 15 3/4 16 1/2 17 1/2 18 Green Herringbone 15 3/4 16 1/2 17 1/2 Green Stripe (First Picture shows true color) 15 3/4 16 1/2 17 1/2 Purple/ White Stripe 15 3/4 16 1/2 17 1/2
Today we have for sale a plethora of beautiful Peter Millar sport coats in luxurious warm weather fabrics. Prices are FIRM as the jackets are brand new and we operate out of a retail store. All jackets come with sleeves unfinished and buttons in the pocket. Most of the pictures are pretty true to color but more can be taken upon request. Peach Check (Jordan Model): $1295 45% Wool 20% Silk 5% Cashmere 30% Linen 40R 42R 46T Mid Blue (Jordan Model): $995 50%...
Thanks Gianni [[SPOILER]] Do those have the rubber sole? I'd like them for the spring and summer but the rubber turns me off.
[[SPOILER]] Everything is well with these.
It has been empowering for sure! The 2nd pair is the first pair of pants I ever had made and have gone through three models to get them to the flannels above. (Longer rise and slimmer through the knee and leg opening)Thank you but the store is many a Guinness away from Ireland.Crusty, you're looking dapper as always.
I swear Spring will come around eventually, at least one would hope with a store chalk full of Spring goods:Progress of our new store: [[SPOILER]]
Awesome, I look forward too it. Glad to know there are some sartorially inclined folks in Chapel Hill!Thanks, you shall be seeing much more of me around these parts.
Opened our new store today [[SPOILER]]
A little something I forgot to put up that I wore to Southern Clothing Market And another recent casual get up
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