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Are the Liverano 7 Fold & Mattabisch neckties going to be available online?
Actually, I think it may be Barbera. It's out of this seasons Hickey Freeman lineup.Thanks for the kind words gents. I completely agree with you, the shoes should not work but when I held them up to the cloth I had to give it a whirl.The model is the Guildford by Crockett & Jones.
Some really great stuff recently, Cleav's stache included.Here are a few recent items of my own: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] And a bonus rig I did for the holiday window:
New duds. Trousers are navy, not sure why they came out so dark in the photo.
White collar haters beware: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Still hawt here.
I have become more tame in dress since managing my own place. I've started to try to differentiate based on color, contrast and texture... Boring with a twist.Here is another recent (conservative other than the patch pockets and my feet):
I've been blessed with two days off of work so I'll post this past Saturdays garb:
Nick your fits are constantly spot on, not necessarily because its great clothing that fits well (which it obviously is) but because you live in your clothing. That extra something that you have over others on the forum, is you beat your stuff up and "wear without care"... it is just clothing after all.You look comfortable and as if the fabric is a second skin, instead of clothing. Always awesome to see
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