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Monkey, maybe it just me, but the whole suit sleeve balance seems off. Meaning a huge sleeve head and then a very exaggerated tapper down to the sleeve. Anyone else see this? I'm fighting off a little cold today so open collar it is:
Just got my new Drake's panama hat.. off course I took it off after I took the photo.
New Liverano shirt and Mattabisch tie I couldn't find a square I wanted to wear and forgot my white linen.
Thanks for all the thumbs up's on my last fit, here is my other new Hickey Freeman MTM, this one is done in an buttery smooth Zegna wool/ silk. The shirt is a Robert Talbott MTM and a Tie Your Tie twill 7 fold. Yes, I know the suit and shirt are glen plaid... I'm trademarking the term "glenning."
Houston we have a break... I may shorten the pants about a half inch though. New Hickey Freeman MTM suit out of some Zenga fabric, tasty to say the least.
Details: [[SPOILER]]
Sugarbutch you have set a standard around these parts and consistently knock it out of the park. Here is a little of my attempt from yesterday, hopefully my new summer suiting will be here next week: [[SPOILER]] Also received our first MTM customers jacket and was pretty pleased with the result: [[SPOILER]]
The only place to get quality drink, will do.Yes sir, 98.5% of my shirts are Talbott MTM. They do offers some great shirts but sometimes I feel they lack in the number of basic cloths offered.It'd be at least a Euro. These trousers are cut shorter to draw a perception of height, however my next trousers will be cut slightly longer.
A few recent wears plus some additional shenanigans: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
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