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Let me guess victor, the B on the sweater is for BOSS?
If that girl thinks that is a fashion statement she might need to sleep on it... pun intended.
I'm a big fan of the tie and knot cufflinks but I agree the waist could use some suppression.
I agree with this, It'd look better with a red gingham square.
This ^I didn't come on here to start a controversy over the racial perception of a flag older than any of us. The flag stands for Southern independence from Union political control but if you think it stands for racism then you would be disappointed to know Lincoln had no dissension towards slavery at all and in fact in a letter to Horace Greeley wrote: "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it is not either to save or destroy slavery, If I could...
Thanks for the kind words, I'm a work in progress. My generation sees good quality clothing as a dying art, but I prefer quality over quantity.I chuckled at the first stab but the second one was uncalled for, if you think I look young wouldn't you try to act like a grown up and give positive criticism not just call me out.The jacket is an unstructured cotton which makes even the slightest ripple look really apparent, and I have broad shoulders from working out and playing...
ECU fan.I remember last time I made jokes about people on the internet to make me feel better about my bruised ego. I didn't ask how old I looked, I asked how my clothing looked you fucking dick head. (Rest of the forum pardon my french)Here is a little more prepubescence for you that actually shows my tie vs lapel width:
Thanks for the great advice.
Excuse the crappy picture, it's all I could manage. Earlier people had commented on how my tie knots and tie widths weren't proportional to my lapels, I think this Robert Talbott knit tie is more suiting.
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