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A few good looks, but overall I was a little disappointed. A lot of these didn't come off as "Pitti-ish" to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism Good stuff but maybe a bit too preppy? Especially your sockless feet in your suede loafers... There is no such thing as too preppy
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Some more Pitti Two looks I can actually get behind.
I USED to think Wooster was cool but now....I JUST WANT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE.
Do they ship to the US?
Quote: Originally Posted by southernstyle Does Drakes ship to the United States?
Does Drakes ship to the United States?
I need that tie PG! Everything looks excellent as always Is that two pocket squares I'm seeing?
I wear them unbuttoned because I like them like that and dress the way I do to please my self, if they ask about the buttons I will inform them.
I want that belt but its far from my price range
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