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Victor I've never been a fan of french cuffs (more of a double button barrel cuff man myself) but your cufflink collection gets it done. Also I love the patch pockets on that jacket.
As a rule of thumb if you can touch them they are real.
If you're going to spend the money to get a collar as such you might as well go bespoke or at least MTM.
I appreciate all the response I got on my last post and will be taking everything in to consideration. This might be a little more mainstream for everyone. The pants are seersucker, the shirt is white and pink stripes, and the sweater is a light merino wool vest.
I was attending a steeplechase hence the loudness but what seems weird about my knot and collar?
The tie and shirt are brilliant together, I would have preferred a tv fold with the pocket square but otherwise
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUrO6kVoCdE Little video of Al Bazar and Lino
I'm only 21 and from the South which affects my clothing very much so. Since I don't currently hold a 9 to 5 (college senior) which requires me to wear trousers during the summer I mainly wear shorts or seersucker/ madras trousers out at night in the summer. I'd consider my style some what of an ivy league student, who enjoys the outdoors and studied abroad in Italy. I've stopped growing from what I assume so I have saved up and invested in a few nice MTM cutaway collar...
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye elegance is the word you were looking for. I apologize, I went overboard with the "ness'."
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