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What is a pattern?
Ian I would recommend getting something with less structure in the shoulders. Everything comes off boxy and too big, that and your jacket as a whole might be a size too big.
I'm like Spoozy minus 23 years and from the South Eastern United States. I work in a menswear store similar to Sid Mashburn, so I can get away with bright colors, crazy pattern matching and the likes.Is that thing alive? ... Referring to the brilliant cashmere, not the barking document holder.
Everything here is clearly awesome but I'd like to see you in a spread collar shirt, the points kill me.You're style awe inspiring, it fits you perfectly. Every time I see you post its like your personality jumping through the monitor.
Quoted for sheer awesomeness.
I've never thought Lawrence has ever been stylish nor has ROTM ever been anything to write home about. I don't know why some of these "iGents" hop on his satchel.
OD/OT you are probably my favorite poster here.
Let me guess victor, the B on the sweater is for BOSS?
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