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ECU fan.I remember last time I made jokes about people on the internet to make me feel better about my bruised ego. I didn't ask how old I looked, I asked how my clothing looked you fucking dick head. (Rest of the forum pardon my french)Here is a little more prepubescence for you that actually shows my tie vs lapel width:
Thanks for the great advice.
Excuse the crappy picture, it's all I could manage. Earlier people had commented on how my tie knots and tie widths weren't proportional to my lapels, I think this Robert Talbott knit tie is more suiting.
Holdfast: Thats the wrong bow for that shirt, and I'd say the bow is too big too. Maybe it's just the way the company that makes it cuts their bows but I'd look into a different maker. Victor: Looking good, how tall are you? The first picture makes you look somewhat stocky which gives me hope in being a shorter man myself. Spoo: Looks good but its subdued compared to your normal self.
My two cents on Victors incredible fit is he has gone out of the way to show meticulous attention to detail with these contrast buttonholes, not screaming "I have a bespoke tailor," although it may come off as such.
Most people will find it funny that the thing that bothers me most with this fit is his shoes. But this is far from good.
Victor in my opinion the velvet and the croc are awesome, it's something different and for me the opposites attract for me. Great concept, I think everyone here is afraid to go outside of the box sometimes.
Victor I've never been a fan of french cuffs (more of a double button barrel cuff man myself) but your cufflink collection gets it done. Also I love the patch pockets on that jacket.
As a rule of thumb if you can touch them they are real.
If you're going to spend the money to get a collar as such you might as well go bespoke or at least MTM.
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