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Sorry for ruining the thread [[SPOILER]]
Fit picture didn't turn out too hot but it doesn't matter since O/O wins. [[SPOILER]]
Wet as in a monsoon of rain, I'm going to trade in my car for a boat soon. Sugar - My britches must have slid down a little while running around. Usually the buckle doesn't show, forgive my sin.
Pretty standard wet Monday [[SPOILER]]
Thank you, they are the almighty Stubbs and Wootton.Thank you sir+1
I don't have the wardrobe to go full super saiyan.
With most made to measure garments the margin for error is a 1/4 inch, which still rarely happens.
I jumped the gun today: [[SPOILER]]
Spoo a guy that drives a Ferrari should not wear a poorly refined lumberjack shirt.
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