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I usually do tuck my tie while wearing a vest but said f@*k it today, I am guilty as charged. I will never turn my rear blade in front of my front blade though! Stitch - I work at an old school haberdashery
Go on and hate on the long tie, but I'm short, damn it: [[SPOILER]]
Rainy Monday turd wear:
There is five too many WIWT threads, ain't nobody got time for that.You're a turd, it's just clothing.As generous as I am with color and pattern, thats even a little too much purple for me. I have a lot of different ways I plan on wearing this suit though.Thanks for the kind words
Certainly no CBD but it is Southern Haberdashery approved: [[SPOILER]]
I'll have to leave that one up to the imagination but there was thousands of dimes.Its a navy blue blazer with MOP buttons. I would never wear and orphaned suit jacket but I can understand if ascots aren't your thing. I have a three piece cream linen suit in the making you'll have to stay tuned for. I would never wear a nice jacket to the horse race I attended, this was actually an old Brooks Brothers jacket I had my tailor hack up to make wearable.
Just some horse race thing.
Mr. Butch this is the cats pajamas.
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