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There are zero rules to clothing, if nothing else this is cool because it will turn heads.
Thanks, I get bored with wearing the same old stuff and enjoy switching it up. I've also stated before that in my work setting my dress is completely acceptable, however I would never put a customer that comes in looking for a CBD wardrobe in some of the stuff I wear. I know the rules and knowingly break them, here is todays casual Friday getup:
First two are myself and the last one is my coworker: [[SPOILER]]
My attempt at four patterns:
New pantherella yellow ca$hmere socks and Edward Green for Alan Flusser tassels:
I'm taking donations
The suit is Samuelsohn MTM Loro Piana 4 season wool and the square is something Breuer did for us a year ago.Spoo that wooly polka dot tie is the money, I can feel its texture through my computer screen. Here is a little something from today:
Pieces of my far from CBD week: [[SPOILER]]
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