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Out to lunch:Details: [[SPOILER]]
I'm in the process of manufacturing glasses, that when worn make everything and everyone appear black and white. I think this is a great way to cut down on the recent gross out pour of individuality and boost conformity. The result ultimately being a better society of oneness. I'm thinking a good name for them would be: Undividuality. Quite brilliant I think, would they be of any interest to anyone around these parts?
Christmas Eve church service is the first time I've had a reason to don a suit in a while. (Soon to change in February)Hope everyones Christmas is filled with blessings and joy!Details and additional fit picture with my lovely grandma. (Forgive the jacked up sleeve, also colors are most accurate in the second picture): [[SPOILER]]
When shall the Tie Your Tie products arrive?
As a rule of thumb (no pun to the hand picture) a jackets length should end at the bottom of ones seat.
Thanks for the response,I was looking at a couple on No Man Walks Alone, their Italian spread collar caught my eye.
Ahhhhh a wise guy aye?Allow me to rephrase, "What does the leg opening measure?"
Awesome. Any clue what the leg opening on the trousers is?
Aportnoy what is your opinion on Mazzarelli shirting, is that shirt bespoke?
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