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Doyleclark - I mean everything constructively and in good heart... with that being said, you have a long way to go. Get rid of the jacket. It will never be good looking, sorry. Take better pictures so we can see details Start with the basics before expanding in to pattern matching and wild colors (Blue/ white dress shirts, navy blazer, and charcoal trousers... etc)
My attempt... but I'm a douche.
Thanks, all shirts are Robert Talbott MTM.
Sorry for ruining the thread [[SPOILER]]
Fit picture didn't turn out too hot but it doesn't matter since O/O wins. [[SPOILER]]
Wet as in a monsoon of rain, I'm going to trade in my car for a boat soon. Sugar - My britches must have slid down a little while running around. Usually the buckle doesn't show, forgive my sin.
Pretty standard wet Monday [[SPOILER]]
Thank you, they are the almighty Stubbs and Wootton.Thank you sir+1
I don't have the wardrobe to go full super saiyan.
With most made to measure garments the margin for error is a 1/4 inch, which still rarely happens.
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