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New EG Dover's picked up from the fine folks at Leffot during my New York trip:
Hickey Freeman MTM suit, Robert Talbott MTM shirt, Crockett & Jones shoes, Seaward & Stearn necktie and Hermes pocket square. Armoury cardigan, The Flat Head Shirting, Raleigh Denim, W Kleingberg gator d-ring and Forest Green shell cordovan Rancourt venetian loafer.
Everything looks splendid but are the jacket sleeves different lengths?
Up in New York for MRket:In Hickey Freeman's beautiful showroom:Second day of appointments featuring a terribly grainy photo:A few bonus photos: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the response! Any one have a clue on wether Union Made will do an after christmas sale?
Bill's Khaki's special makeup from last Fall
Any Self Edge after Christmas?
Merry Christmas everyone!
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