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How all of your trousers should look. You've achieved the fullness that you enjoy while keeping everything balanced. Well done!
Let me rephrase Riva - I meant no offense based on the price of items, but how can you argue about clothing price, when you're wearing a belt made by one of the most expensive luxury brands in the world? I was simply stating my opinion that having a huge B on your waist is gaudy and if anything is a rebels yell to say "I have money."Edit: I came off as brash and for that I apologize.
When your most expensive article of clothing in a fit is a belt with a large B on, you are doomed for failure.
Mr Green Jeans back in action:
Thanks for all the thumbs and positive feedback on my last fit. A possible inclination that I'm somewhat headed in the right direction. I'll wear an exploded paisley suit soon just for you, SugarButch. Todays efforts:
When you post right after @urbancomposition My final garment for the S/S season in a Loro Piana Cashmere/ Silk
What can brown do for you? New Hickey Freeman MTM suiting Wool/ Linen blend ΒΌ Lined Crockett & Jones wheels Tie Your Tie 7 fold
Fuck yes to those shoes! Gable model correct?
Putting on a new sport coat might be the best feeling in the entire world. Green monster from Hickey Freeman Made-To-Measure Wool/ Silk/ Linen 1/4 lined 3 roll 2 1/4 edge stitching Lower open patch pockets
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