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Greg, any photos of the Scott and Charters 6 ply turtleneck being worn?
A few from this week:
A few recents:
Braddock I love everything about this, except for the pocket square. I think it is too light in color. Something darker or maybe dare to even forego the pocket square?Either way
How all of your trousers should look. You've achieved the fullness that you enjoy while keeping everything balanced. Well done!
Let me rephrase Riva - I meant no offense based on the price of items, but how can you argue about clothing price, when you're wearing a belt made by one of the most expensive luxury brands in the world? I was simply stating my opinion that having a huge B on your waist is gaudy and if anything is a rebels yell to say "I have money."Edit: I came off as brash and for that I apologize.
When your most expensive article of clothing in a fit is a belt with a large B on, you are doomed for failure.
Mr Green Jeans back in action:
Thanks for all the thumbs and positive feedback on my last fit. A possible inclination that I'm somewhat headed in the right direction. I'll wear an exploded paisley suit soon just for you, SugarButch. Todays efforts:
When you post right after @urbancomposition My final garment for the S/S season in a Loro Piana Cashmere/ Silk
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