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Fuck yes to those shoes! Gable model correct?
Putting on a new sport coat might be the best feeling in the entire world. Green monster from Hickey Freeman Made-To-Measure Wool/ Silk/ Linen 1/4 lined 3 roll 2 1/4 edge stitching Lower open patch pockets
Today: Yesterday:
Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. I would say a few things clothing related have happened regarding how I view clothing recently. Maybe its spending more time around clothing and assisting guys whom still wear tailored on a daily basis in NC (which is rare) but clothing has become more utilitarian to me. "Clothing as a uniform" in a sense... super 120's wool to help lawyers achieve results as denim helps a brick mason create structure.I will most likely always have some...
Today featuring a new Robert Talbott MTM oxford cloth shirt Old Samuelsohn MTM cashmere blazer Hickey Freeman MTM trousers Edward Green Dover Old Robert Talbott Necktie Breuer square
Blue and yellow:
Maybe its just me but the buttoning point looks too low.My day before Easter, trying to peddle clothing to buy a box of peeps look:
Knitted, pinned and contrasted.
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