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Have you considered maybe seeing a podiatrist? It may be that you are prone to rolling your feet (pronation/supination), or have some other undiagnosed problem. Leather dress shoes are a lot less forgiving of these issues than trainers.
That's a nice autumnal ensemble. I think I have a jumper the same colour from Sportscraft.
Oh well, since you resurrected this thread, I might as well put my two cents in: I find a good casual alternative to khakis is slim cotton trousers with some kind of subtle pattern. I have a pair of light grey Glen Plaid trousers that see a lot of use, as do a pair of brushed brown herringbone pants. I don't press a crease on either.
Sunspel make some in jersey, though not cheap. Did you want a real long-sleeve polo, or more a collared sweater (with ribbed waistband and cuffs)?
I suspect it will be more of a lateral move.
There's a glass and a half of fresh mole in every pair.
Maybe try Proper Cloth? They have a gallery of collar styles here. Probably best to not come out swinging when asking for help, too.
Is international shipping likely to become a reality at some point in the near future?
I like this idea, but I'd take it further, towards its inevitable zenith/nadir - chambray footed onesie pajamas. You know it makes sense.
You don't know that. Fear of financial insecurity leads to self-imposed austerity and guilt about frivolous spending, and, apparently, writing polemics to justify his miserliness by calling others self-absorbed, while simultaneously denying he's being judgmental toward anyone. If we all spent money like him, there'd be none of his beloved student concerts or library books, because no-one would have patronised the composers or authors who wrote the music or books in the...
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