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I like this idea, but I'd take it further, towards its inevitable zenith/nadir - chambray footed onesie pajamas. You know it makes sense.
You don't know that. Fear of financial insecurity leads to self-imposed austerity and guilt about frivolous spending, and, apparently, writing polemics to justify his miserliness by calling others self-absorbed, while simultaneously denying he's being judgmental toward anyone. If we all spent money like him, there'd be none of his beloved student concerts or library books, because no-one would have patronised the composers or authors who wrote the music or books in the...
Ah, that makes sense. Thank-you.
What is going on with the dude on the right's jacket?
That's assuming you have no common sense or knowledge of diminishing returns...Otherwise, there is a point where you can say, "Yes, these pants are good enough," and be content, without wondering what you are missing out on at the next rung up the ladder. But it seems to be a problem for a lot of people.
What about these tan corozo buttons? You might consider having some elbow patches applied too, to make it seem less like an orphaned jacket.
OCBDs at this time of year? In Brisbane?!
Oooh, you're a spicy little sausage.
People here are gonna say that they'll look like orphaned suit pants. I mostly agree, but if you can't return them, I think they'll look okay if you wear them with lighter-coloured jackets. I like brown with navy, rust in particular. I don't really like the blue on blue look, sorry.
Sounds like someone needs a hug
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