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Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy i dont like any of them on u...the gaps would look the best once they settle I agree with both statements here. I'm open to suggestions for jeans that will work for a guy as skinny as me. The only thing I'm not really into are the tight skinny jeans.
So I gave the 501 STF's a shot. They are terrible on me. I tried shrinking them twice, while the waist was the right size they are total hammer pants. I tried on the Gap skinny's again and the waist isn't as bad as I thought at first, but I just don't feel like they are working for me. 501's: Gap Skinny's: A pair of Lucky's that I'm OK with:
Quote: Originally Posted by YoPete525 Levi's run about an inch smaller in the waist than Gap jeans of the equivalent size. I don't know how the Gap Skinny cut compares to their others/to Levi's, but I'd be surprised if neither the 514 or 511 would work for you. Even though the waist is a little large, how do the Skinny jeans fit through the seat/thigh? Tumbled Rigid available in 28x32. You...
Quote: Originally Posted by YoPete525 Levi's 514/511/510 cuts don't work for you? Most of them don't come in my size and I'm specifically trying to find some dark jeans right now. I'm not even aiming for the skinny jean look, just trying to find some nicer looking jeans that fit me.
So annoyed. I just got a pair of the skinnys in today (28x32) and they are like an inch too big in the waist. I've been the same size since high school, but it seems like a 28 waist size in jeans just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Would be nice if I could find some jeans that fit for less than $200...
How much did you size down with these?
When the dude spits on his junk or her.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar do you feel the neg/positive g's like a roller coaster? You don't feel the stomach drop like you do from a roller coaster. The plane you are on is already at traveling at speed so you're just changing direction when you exit.
Subscribing in case someone offers a good recommendation. I've just been using cheap tailors. They get the job done, but I'm in looking for someone better to go to.
Did my first tandem jump last year. I was terrified about doing it even the day before. Scared until we fell out of the plane, but as soon as we were falling it was amazing. I don't get why some people have such a problem with jumping attached to an instructor. Yes, it's probably going to be a guy. Yes, you're going to be close to his crotch. Yes, he's going to put himself inside you. Either that or tip them with cash and it's expensive enough as it is.
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