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Quote: Originally Posted by tj100 But do they have a strict schedule (i.e. you must be in by 9:00am). My guess is that this would open one up to a wage & hour claim. Where there are no fixed hours, they can claim that it isn't their fault that you're working 100 hours a week... Yes, the company has a strict schedule, but It depends on who you work under for how strictly it is imposed.
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Yes. Most companies have provisions against this, and have contracts stating that overtime is when a salaried person hits X hours in a week. My company doesn't. And working late, from home, on weekends is a huge part of the culture here.
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg I'm not standing there with a stopwatch during lunch; when I say they take the longest lunches, it's just that it's obvious because the rest of us are generally eating at our desks. UGH. What kind of work does the company do? Like others have said, it depends largely on the job how I would feel about all of this. I'm a creative professional, so it sounds terrible, but for an account manager it sounds more...
Sounds like good managers are as rare as good employees to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by mattt What size did you end up getting? Those are pretty big on you, and don't fit much better than the GAPs in your first post. I don't like wearing super tapered jeans either, but I think you could have really benefited from a slimmer cut. These are 25's. I didn't hate the Gap's, but the rise on these suits me better and they are a little bit slimmer. I probably just haven't bought into the style forum fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by skinnyman Did you soak the jeans in water? You want to get rid of any shrinkage first before you can decide what to do about the length. I left mine the original length, but now I wish I had hemmed them a couple of inches. Over time the jeans will get softer, and the stacking will relax a lot and will gather in a bunch at the ankles. It will kinda look like a stack of pancakes . It's less of a problem with jeans that are even...
Subscribing. Would be interested to hear about any places in D.C.
The biggest issue with different monitors(for me) is the color difference. 2 monitors of the same brand and the same size can drastically different colors. You'd think calibration would alleviate this problem, but it just isn't the case unfortunately. That sort of thing may or may not bother you though.
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim Thanks--that's pretty much what I was looking for. Two for work, one for email/chat/sf/etc on the side. If it would be substantially cheaper to just get two, though, then I'll probably just do that. Two is really easy. Pick out the monitors you want, and get a card that has 2 outs. The biggest cost is going to be the new monitor(s). Unless you are using a laptop, then all you need is a new monitor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manny Calavera I used Blackra1n because it had a favorable Wired write-up and a really simple unlock functionality. I'll check pwnage tool... does that also unlock? No, you'll need the whatever-the-newest-color-snow thing to do the unlock. I've never unlocked my phone, so I don't have any input there.
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