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Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt seems about right I guess I'm kind of scared off by this relevant story I heard by Mike Birbiglia about getting into a drunk driving accident. link: His story starts at 11:55
Maybe I'm just a wuss, but I would just buy the car back. There's always a chance you might loose. When I think about how pissed I'd be after losing in court for some bullshit like that... I'd just rather avoid it.
Quote: Originally Posted by borderline What's the best way to save/print text msgs? If you have an iPhone, there's an app called PhoneView that can do this.
Mine slipped a bit when I first bought them. I tightened the laces a bit and they've been fine.
Man, I'm the last person you want to see in these, trust me. I have a 28" waist and weigh 115lbs. I really don't want pictures of my legs to be on the internet.
Price reduced to $70.
Fred Perry Grosgrain Tape Waistband Swim Short Bought these in a small without realizing I needed an XS. They are decently slim, and aren't too long on my 5'7" frame. I found them after trying to find a reasonable alternative to the Orlebar Brown's. I like them enough that I am going to buy them in XS after I get rid of these. They've never been worn other than to try them on. Still has the tags. $80 shipped to anywhere in the US. I know that's pretty close to...
Just my thoughts, but you can't go wrong learning C. If you know C, any other language you want to go to is a pretty small learning curve. Of course, that's kind of the way programing is in general. If you're good at one you probably aren't far from being good at another. Just take a look at what you will enjoy working with and go with that. So my recommendations: C if you want to develop desktop applications (or iPhone/iPad apps) Java if you would like to build...
Wow, I like pretty much everything people have so far said they dislike. Sushi, Cheese, Mayo, Okra, Tuna- you guys should be PISSED that your minds are against you because they are all excellent. The answer the OP, I couldn't finish my sushi roll the first time I had it and I didn't try it again for a while after that. One day I was watching some show they were eating it on and I thought, "That looks really good." I immediately left my apartment, apparently with the...
Mine was so embarrassing that I don't want to say.
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