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Damn, missed the Perry. If anyone has another 42 (yeah, long short) shoot me a PM
Thank you for not illustrating "fucking grouse."
Quote: Originally Posted by ma1 That's damn good service to make a custom bag without a price increase! Well, the price was just increased for all bags not too long ago, so....
Quote: Originally Posted by masshi Think they'd have it? Gee, I dunno. My psychic powers must be waning. It's not a rare shoe or anything. shopping.google.com
The clearout continues... here are a few more cheapies! Fossil Osborne Oxfords, size 12. Decent looking oxfords for days when you don't want to risk your nicer pair. No scuffs to speak of, sole with 90% of life left, nicely broken in but not abused. Runs true to size. I had my local cobbler rubberize the front sole. How about $40 shipped in CONUS? More pics: Life.after.denim plaid midnight bomber, size XL. Pretty large - would fit a size 44 chest gent...
Clearing out the closet - here are some cheapies! All payments via paypal. Not taking offers below asking price yet. Clark's desert boots in Beeswax, size 10. These are relatively new, just broken in. Maybe worn all of a dozen times, but need some TLC. As I was taking pics, I noticed the stitching has started to lift from the crepe sole. You could wear as-is or use a little glue to bring it back down. $30 shipped CONUS. SOLD SOLD SOLD Gray Ben Sherman jacket...
Quote: Originally Posted by a2_hennessy Pardon my ignorance, but what is it about CPs that justify their high price tag? Is the material, the look, the...? I'm also a little baffled. The low-tops are so generic they're cool?
You might be okay if you're a true 9.5 D. I'm a medium width 10.5 and couldn't downsize to 10 because they were too tight (albeit mostly on my left foot, which is larger than my right). Length was okay though. I wear 10 in clarks and redwing GTs.
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker Instantly bought those, once I saw the pictures on OC's page of the same shoe. These look awesome, and size 9 should fit me perfectly. Thanks! No problem! I can see where shahanshah is coming from - RCs are really understated shoes. Most of what I'm into are boots & brogues - bolder stuff. Even the Comey brogue Jenks boot is pretty subdued for a brogue. But I need something to wear with...
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby How in the world did you find that? There are some real bargain sleuths on here.
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