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Saw a few bottles at my local shop at $300 and passed.
I'm not a big fan of the draft/growler beers from them, but love the bottled saisons, stouts, and barrel aged stuff. The shelf bottles at $10 per are one of the best values out there IMO.I think Trillium and Treehouse do better hoppy beers.
I had it 2005 or so and it was on the menu there for a while. I'm not sure of the bottling date, but would guess 2003 or so. Link: http://skinnerlive.auctionserver.net/view-auctions/catalog/id/260/lot/113156
They did a single barrel (or two...not sure) for Blue Smoke. They also did a single barrel 12 for Crush that was best bottle of 12 I have ever had.
Anybody following the Skinner auction? PVW 18 at $5500. That is some amazing whiskey but wow
Yesterday @concealed and another friend came over and we had this stuff: The LP was from @hc4thehc via @Ken P, and was my first LP. The nose on the DeGarde was amazing R&D was from @Tooch4321 in the Xmas swap and was really good. I'd guess new or once used oak based on the vanilla notes. Tree House Bright was great; Trillium Lineage sucked. The Grimm was interesting but I didn't get any spruce Recent KBS and Regal Rye: I preferred the Regal Rye
That was me. You in the area? I'm about 15 minutes away
IMO it's not. They make a nice stout though
Weirdest content label I've ever seen was on a similar piece: antique French nuns linen sheets
From memory, cans run $3.75-$4.25. Growlers are $8-$12 without the cost of the bottles.
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