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Tellason crapshoot showed up today. I was hoping for straight, but got slim. Anybody in a 38 with the reverse problem?
Seller is from Joplin, MO, which was devastated by a tornado
Glad they worked out for you.
I sent RTC some ties this morning since he apparently can't thrift them and I can't help but pick them up.I guess I earned some thrift karma.Not in the league of jgill79's haul, but good for a single day for me:Florsheim shell, Gucci suede and Ferragamo suede:I usually leave women's stuff, but I have a Beretta jacket from EazyE and the quality is amazing. This is a super nice summer jacket, size 4 made in Italy. Appears NWOT but dropped on the floor or something. Happy...
FYI, in case you weren't aware, the Katahdin boots by LL Bean are made by Chippewa. I have a pair and they are great.
I learned to recognize by looking at scarves and pocket squares. The difference there is pretty easy to tell.On a shirt, the shoulder seams are the easiest place to see.On suits and jackets, it can be tougher to tell with the pick stitching and button holes. I usually look at the inside of the jacket for easier confirmation.
Agree that the taste of cherries is very strong on this...not one of my favorites as it was a bit sweet for my taste. I much prefer the regular Oude Kriek.
If you're looking for the Trappist beer from MA, PM me. 2nd wave is out and available easily
Or meet in Central MA at Armsby Abbey and then my place.Still have the Supplication from the Xmas swap and a couple of Almanac sours and a bunch of others.
I had the same issue with a new Filson I bought a few years back.I just left it hanging outside for about a week and it was better, but the smell didn't really go away for about a year. I'd try what Evil Abed suggested and then just let it air out as much as possible.
New Posts  All Forums: