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I've been deposed oftenUnless it's being videotaped, it doesn't matter. I'd skip the tie and be as comfortable as possible.If it is videotaped, that is a good outfit.And a deposition is The same as testifying in court...my depositions have been played in court 3 times. Trust me, look at the camera and not the lawyer.
Seconded. The stuff behind the counter is a fraction of what they have.And of course Julio's will always have a decent selection, but unless you drop serious $$ regularly, you won't sniff the allocated stuff.
Despite the fact that @concealed bailed out, I made it to Zwanze day at the Armsby Abbey in Worcester. The Florian was being tapped at 3, and they did not sell tickets, have a lottery or take reservations....purely first come, first served. A friend and I showed up around noon and were able to get a table and were able to stay there throughout the festivities. The bar had a pretty nice lineup before the Florian...they were pouring the Cantillon Regular Gueze, Iris and...
Going through my pile of stuff in an attempt to organize and culled these.Thought I'd offer em up for cost before I re-donate.let me know if you want further detailsBullock & Jones made in England. Super soft leather. Tagged 42 [[SPOILER]] Orphan 44l [[SPOILER]] Canadian Sweater Co. No size, 18" p2p, needs a going over with a sweater stoneAll black. All wool. Size 34 from 1965. Moth nibbles.Black suede chelseas 10.5. New, except for an hour of wear inside but...
What the heck kind of SC is this? Linen/Silk blend...not seersucker. Made by Samuelsohn. 42L and available.
As a rule, I don't grab YSL, but I thought this was pretty cool. Made in France.
[quote name =That was made to commemorate the WS store opening downtown. Very nice find.[/quote] Thanks very much!
My boss told be I had too much vacation time accrued and I needed to start taking some, so I made a rare mid-week thrift run.It's been a little dry around since @concealed moved into town, so I made a road trip of it.I will echo the sentiment that it is great when winter wear starts coming out. My sizeSame store. Cashmere shacket Zegna. My size too.Never seen anything other than Hermes on the tag before...anyone have insight?Could have sworn these were shell when I...
I agree with this for the most part. If I trade or sell, I really don't care what someone does with an item. But if appears to be a case of blatant profiteering, I will not continue to offer stuff at cost plus shipping to that person. And if I just outright give something away, I really like to see it offered up here if it doesn't work instead of ebay. There's nothing I can do about it, and I have only made it a caveat once, when I passed along a particularly nice coat.
Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye...13 year oldVintage 23 year Rye
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