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I had it 2005 or so and it was on the menu there for a while. I'm not sure of the bottling date, but would guess 2003 or so. Link: http://skinnerlive.auctionserver.net/view-auctions/catalog/id/260/lot/113156
They did a single barrel (or two...not sure) for Blue Smoke. They also did a single barrel 12 for Crush that was best bottle of 12 I have ever had.
Anybody following the Skinner auction? PVW 18 at $5500. That is some amazing whiskey but wow
Yesterday @concealed and another friend came over and we had this stuff: The LP was from @hc4thehc via @Ken P, and was my first LP. The nose on the DeGarde was amazing R&D was from @Tooch4321 in the Xmas swap and was really good. I'd guess new or once used oak based on the vanilla notes. Tree House Bright was great; Trillium Lineage sucked. The Grimm was interesting but I didn't get any spruce Recent KBS and Regal Rye: I preferred the Regal Rye
That was me. You in the area? I'm about 15 minutes away
IMO it's not. They make a nice stout though
Weirdest content label I've ever seen was on a similar piece: antique French nuns linen sheets
From memory, cans run $3.75-$4.25. Growlers are $8-$12 without the cost of the bottles.
Their twitter sometimes has some info ahead of the site, and Nate posts on Beer Advocate, but with their popularity they have gotten more discreet with info on releases of things like Good Morning or King Julius.They usually do two canning runs for Wednesday that are mostly gone an hour or so after they open on Thursday. There is usually a canning run on Thursday and occasionally one on Friday. They will keep at least two growler options on through Friday, but can run...
Be prepared for an hour plus wait. I went last week at 7pm on Thursday and got 6 cans and 3 growlers. No wait for cans, but 50 minutes for growlers. But if you go, check out Yankee Spirits in Sturbridge (another 20 minutes on Rt 20). They have Trillium and a great selection of Night Shift and a very good overall selection.
New Posts  All Forums: