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Not such a great analogy for the 89 series given the earthquake and all. I was at game 1 of that series in Oakland. The A's won using only 3 pitchers.
just cracked a VW 12 from this year. Not good. Was never my favorite, but this is my first BT version and I am not impressed. 10 is way better.
Thanks for the nice selection! Looking forward to working my way through them.
Package has landed: No SF name....Habitant? as it came from Canada My favorite part was his note about the Stone Crime "please don't drink it the same time as anything good. It is a great way to end a tasting and ruin a night." For the second year in a row, I forgot to add a note. Will crack the Fat Tug tonight. The Black Bridge Rye looks interesting. Thanks again and happy holidays.
Lambic is sometimes bottled (de Cam and Cantillon for sure and probably a few others) but has not undergone a complete fermentation. I think they have usually been in wood for 2-3 years before bottling. They are flat because the fermentiation is incomplete.
Not quite...gueuze is typically a blend of a young and an old lambic (or several older lambics). Typically there will be enough fermentable sugars in the younger lambic to allow for a refermentation which results in carbonation. For the Golden Doesjel, there was no refermentation.
Packed and ready. I'll send out on Monday.
HE moved into my territory. We've come to an arrangement.JK. He a great guy and I like having friendly competition in the area.
Lesson learned tonight: Don't thrift with @concealed. I hit the canonical route (shoes, outerwear, suits) and got nothing. He hit the ties...Duchamp, nwt BBGF. Then the shirts...BoO, Gitman Vintage, etc
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