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I have a similar plan (3 lines, unlimited text and talk + 1 iPad) from Verizon but only 15g of data for $235
Thanks for bringing the great beers...the Casey was probably my favorite.
Ready for concealed and Ken P
This was the tool posted a few years ago to help with thathttp://www.seekabrew.com/distro/index.html
The idea in the past was not to send rare beers, but beers that are not distributed in the recipient's state. The $ threshold has been to spend at least $30 on beer before shipping.
The beer thread usually has a holiday beer swap. @ken p?
Thanks. I don't sell so probably a pass for me, plus my wallet is hurting after finding 4R LE, Parker Heritage, and EC 18 this weekend. The Parker is not great.
Anybody tried the Fitzgerald 20? Worth the $300?
I have no idea. Fou kicked, but there is a ton of good beer flowing
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