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Glad they showed up safe. I was a bit worried about the weather.I saw a bunch of the Mikeller breakfast and brunch at a retailer over by Trillium...if you want more info, PM me.
I like the Night Shift Somer Weiss with ginger and lemongrass, but they have batch variability issues and the flavor profile is not for everyone. I wish they did one without fruit. The Ever Weiss is good as well.On Cisco, I like the Lady of the Woods more than the kriek but will buy Petrus Aged Pale at half the price and be just as happy.IMO it's worth the price of admission for the EBF or Belgian fest to try out the pricier beers before blowing a couple hundred bucks...
Night Shift does a decent berliner weiss, and the Cisco sours are ok if a bit pricey.
The weirdest thing just happened to me....Was it a dream where you were standing in sort of Sun God robes on top of a pyramid and there were hundreds of naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?No.Why am I the only one that has that dream?
A few things yesterday: Cherry pop on Zegna Couture for me...and yet another killer shirt in my size. Cucinelli are women's and the shoes are my size and fill a noticeable gap in my rotation. Also, shout out to @GMMCL for an awesome exchange. Jacket fits great. Thanks man!
Pretty nice on a Spring Friday
PSA for Seattle folks: hit a Goodwill in Tukwila and had my best shirt haul ever. 3x Kiton, LP, Borrelli, EZ Su Misura, Isaia, and super recent Armani. Might want to watch the GW in the same distribution channel. Also found Filson and NWOT Blundstone at another store. All NA as they're my size except the Fison, which is a medium brown waxed cotton jacked.
Tellason crapshoot showed up today. I was hoping for straight, but got slim. Anybody in a 38 with the reverse problem?
Seller is from Joplin, MO, which was devastated by a tornado
Glad they worked out for you.
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