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The Goodall Sanford mill stopped production of Palm Beach Cloth in 56. The name was acquired and continued to be used, but not the fabric. Quick history if you're interested: https://vintagehaberdashers.com/2013/02/01/palm-beach-cloth/
On my phone.
Anybody a 39r (sorry @Orgetorix) want this? '49 union tag and the mill shut down in '56. Triple patch, unlined and pretty awesome IMO.
Did anyone else make it to the BA Return of the Belgian Fest? The venue was not the best, but it was a pretty decent time I really enjoyed the stuff from Three Taverns Brewing in GA (despite the fact that they are apparently ubiquitous there), Foam Brewing in VT and the Black Project in Denver (except the coffee geueze). Was bummed that the Drei Fonteinen and Fantome were at the same table and the line was pretty long the whole time, so I only tried 2 of the Drei...
Long time no post, but have a question. My brother picked this up...I know @capnwes identified this weave before but cannot remember it Also, does this look familiar? Sorry for the crappy pic. Thanks
Trillium bottle. It's called Outside the Lines
Knowing your affinity for Trillium, did you get any of the collaboration they did with Trillium? Really nice stout with coffee, vanilla and cardamom.
Found a few of these on the shelf today. Just had a taste, but does not seem as good as last year's. Further investigation is warranted.
Saw a few bottles at my local shop at $300 and passed.
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