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I live in Worcester and work in Boston. Mostly thrift around Worcester. Let me know if you make it out here
Where in MA? Just passed on a Cashmere/camel Brioni with the same Louis label with a few condition issues in a 40r
Most have posted in the thread for the exchange. I'm on my phone and can't figure out how to link to it
Came home to this box of awesomeness! Not pictured 3 Floyds Zombie Dust, which is in the freeze and soon to be in my belly. Assuming from the return name and prior hints that this is from @Tooch4321 Cheers and thanks for making Christmas merrier!
I'm in DC for the night, but my wife tells me a large heavy box was delivered. Looking forward to tomorrow night when I get home.
Shipped! But regular UPS won't get there until next Tuesday
I just sent the rest of the targets. Thanks again Ken for organizing.
I have a similar plan (3 lines, unlimited text and talk + 1 iPad) from Verizon but only 15g of data for $235
Thanks for bringing the great beers...the Casey was probably my favorite.
Ready for concealed and Ken P
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