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Agree with Ken's recommendations. If you are looking for other stores to browse, Boston Wine Exchange is close as is Federal wine. Both have decent beer selections...Federal's smaller but better priced.You might also consider perusing Louis. It's 2-3 blocks over from Trillium.
Still in VT. May not leave. Was in and out of HF in less than an hour.Hit Prohibition Pig for lunch...soooo much Lawsons. And had Focal Banger and Edward with dinner. And snagged 12 Heady to bring home.
Hit Treehouse on Friday, and though I missed out on cans I apparently avoided the shitstorm on Thursday and only waited about 90 minutes for growlers of Vagabond (collab with former brewer of Toppling Goliath). Really nice DIPA with a more solid malt backbone than most of the TH IPAs that gives it excellent balance.
And contract brewed by two roads. Distributed in CT
I'd suggest:Bockor Jacobins RougeAnderson Valley GosePetrus Aged PaleAny local berliner weissePretty readily available, not too expensive and you get a good range of flavor profiles.I would stay away from Lambics or Guezes for a newcomer to sour beers. The funk can be a bit much.Looking forward to other suggestions.
I'd be in for some. Possibly up to a case depending on final price, etc.
Blake is not cemented. It is a method of attaching the sole with stitching.As noted, the shoe pictured has a channeled sole with a cemented bottom layer or the channel leather laid back down. By having the sole stitching above the bottom surface of the sole prolongs the life of the sole as the thread will wear out faster than the leather. The downside is that it is more expensive to re-sole with a channeled sole.The tutorial that Koala T posted is for hand welted soles....
I didn't like that Trillium as much as the DDH Melcher St.Shoulda PM'd me about Treehouse! I was on the fence about it (still have cans of Green and a growler from last week plus a 4 pack of Sip of Sunshine that I picked up in CT).You really have to try their Good Morning. Amazing coffee/maple stout. IMO the Treehouse Stouts are great. The Double Shot is way better than PM Dawn.
thanks Spoo!
[quote name="cpmac7" I just recently sold a jacket from the same owner. A Hadleigh in fact. Dont know who made your jacket but the previous owner has some T Rex arms... FYI[/quote] thanks...wasn't going to leave them for the price.
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