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Waist is 38"Front rise is 14...rear rise is 17 from crotch seam to top of waist band
Thanks. $4 at the church thrift 100 yards from my house. Hoping you're right.
Thanks. LEVIS is on both sides of the red tag [[SPOILER]]
Denim guys: what do I have here: Big E with trademark circle. Back of top button not stamped. Inseam single felled. No tags at all. Thanks,
thanks. Will have to keep an eye out for it.
The two or three of the Jule Maelk that I've had have had a yellow label. Is that barrel aged? I really liked it as well.
Agree with Ken's recommendations. If you are looking for other stores to browse, Boston Wine Exchange is close as is Federal wine. Both have decent beer selections...Federal's smaller but better priced.You might also consider perusing Louis. It's 2-3 blocks over from Trillium.
Still in VT. May not leave. Was in and out of HF in less than an hour.Hit Prohibition Pig for lunch...soooo much Lawsons. And had Focal Banger and Edward with dinner. And snagged 12 Heady to bring home.
Hit Treehouse on Friday, and though I missed out on cans I apparently avoided the shitstorm on Thursday and only waited about 90 minutes for growlers of Vagabond (collab with former brewer of Toppling Goliath). Really nice DIPA with a more solid malt backbone than most of the TH IPAs that gives it excellent balance.
New Posts  All Forums: