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getting some rare barrel in next week.
@Ken P had the Forerunner on Thursday and agree it was awesome. Missed the Curiosity, but got some Haze. I'm down for a tasting.
PSA: Shoe Mart has Indy irregulars for $375 in 10.5 and 11. Those are the only sizes I get e-mails about.
I'm in for 6 at a minimum
Took a thriftcation day and hit a large loop All this Polo talk must have gotten to me. Made in Mexico selvedge with embroidered pheasants?? Paid up for these, at least compared to what I am used to, but really minimal wear Love the lines on these. Only markings are for Coes & Young, a Boston shoe retailer. Can't find any info on them past the 30's, but these are in amazing shape. Will have to research further. Been had suede longwings made in Italy, Church's...
Anybody's wife/girlfriend a size 7 and want these?
Treehouse is brewery only and Trillium mostly so.I'll be in PDX in the next couple of months and can bring some. Will PM when I have dates firmed up
MD brewery was Burley Oak There were 4 of us and it was a lot of beer.... The Negroni was wtih Gran Classico and Antica Carpana The BoT, West Ashley and St. Lam were the stand outs to me.
Many thanks to @Ken P and @concealed for an epic bottle share. Whales were had; sequels to follow, will let them post pics. thanks guys for some great beers!
Armsby has Allagash Nancy, Resurgam, Evora (don't know that one), and Currant Affair on draft. If you go to Treehouse, that might be worth a detour.Let me know...I have a commitment for most of the evening, but could make it down later.
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