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All right boys: I have to say that Hober makes some of the best ties out there. I have maybe 15 now and I love them all. The grenadines and shot silks are as nice, if not nicer, than the ties I have purchased from Drakes or Turnbull Asser, and they are almost half of the price. Plus, you can chose your width, length, and specify what type of knot you want to tie. The customer service is top notch. You can't go wrong.
So I assume you know about the schlem's canal; the fundus camera; and aqueous humor? Ill buy some PS's for sure. I would love a light blue linen
Darn. NOrmally I would as I live near SF, but I will be out of town this Friday.
If you're going with a black tuxedo, I would recommend peak lapel, no vent.
1) color 8 1) cigar 1) ravello 0) whiseky
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt S The line made me think of Maxwell Smart, and he wore 1-button 3-piece suits too. I'm sure he must've had a grey sharkskin. You're right. In retrospect, I think should have gone 2 button.
Quote: Originally Posted by Almighty1 Greetings everyone: I am looking into the purchase of a Ferragamo - Tramezza Lace-Up shoe and I noticed the Fiorenzo which is available for $650.00 retail is available at Neiman-Marcus Online as well as both Nordstrom stores and Salvatore Ferragamo stores. However, I noticed that Sak's Fifth Avenue online and the local Neiman Marcus store here in San Francisco have something called the Accento which retails...
Is ths sharkskin suit still for sale?
I have a really nice and classic black tuxedo, peak lapel (grossgrain), Oxxford tuxedo. 40R. I also have a bespoke double-breasted, off white, shawl lapel dinner jacket. I would be willing to rent either.
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