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Check out AS model Ramsey, they have exactly the same straps.
Can anyone tell me if the Cheaney's 175 last (F) is true to size or should one go half a size up or down? I wear 9 with C&J 348 last and 9 with Loake Capital last to mention some. Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS +1 Is it Russian? Yes, it's by ZIM (Zavod imeni Maslennikova).
348 in size UK 8 E is way too long and pointy for me, as I'm a short guy, yet it is a good fit in all dimensions. I've tested 348 in size 7.5 but that was too narrow and I just couldn't wear them at all. Recently I found a rare pair made on 348 G width in size 7.5. They don't look as pointy and are obviously not as long and they even might fit me ok. I am not able to try them on, but I am seriously thinking about buying them anyway. However, the sizing is still an issue....
Quote: Originally Posted by xael Who is the maker of these? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by BRIMSTONE Wow this is helpful. Definitely will be using these links. Agree, and already have.
^^ Simple and elegant.
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