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Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre That loose tie and low rise pants ruin the otherwise very nice ensemble.
Extra space of 1.5 inches sounds quite much to be honest. There is pretty closely 1 inch empty void in my C&J 348E last shoes (now that's an elongated last!) at the front, and they fit me well. But what am I to judge, if they feel comfortable then they probably are the right size, however if they don't feel even a tad snug right out of the box then they might be too big. I think new shoes should allways be a little snug to start with. Try to see where the ball of the foot...
I own Loake Pimlicos in dark brown suede and they are really nice, very sophisticated and elegant and can be worn with anything. I was surpirised how much better they look in real than in the sale photos. I think the Capital last works very well as a chukka boot, a lot better than as a normal lace-up shoe, let alone the awful double monkstrap which I don't remember the name of. In fact they are superior to Tetbury design wise IMO, although otherwise I prefer the 348...
I am also interested in Pembroke. I wear size 8 E on the 348 last and I wonder what size I should go for. Pembroke is made on 325 E and 317 G lasts. Why is one shoe model made on two different lasts and widths, I am little confused. Should I take the E (325) or G (317) fitting based on my 348 size? Thanks!
Sprezzatura. How come so many misspell it btw?
Not AE but Loake; I have a suede chukka boot (Pimlico) that is considerably more generous than a calf leather shoe (Knightsbridge) of the same size and last. The Knightsbridge had to be stretched to fit. So to some extent it's a matter of materials used and upper design.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Fedoras or any other similarly brimmed hat. I've yet to see anyone wear one without it looking like costume. +1 on both.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer Unless you are looking for rubber soles, boots, or country shoes, go with the "handgrade" line. Edgeware is from the main "benchgrade" line. IMHO, it's worth the extra quid. I have both and there is a significant and noticeable difference between the two lines. Can you (or someone) please specify what are the main differences betweeen the two lines.
My C&J Monkton single monks have been complemented the most, actually three times now that I remember. But. Interesting to see if my new Cheaney boots (in fact Herring Langdale) will get more praise or not. Wearing them for the second time right now - no comments yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Only had these a couple or so months and have already had countless compliments and a few have placed orders with Cheaney. What Cheaney last are these made on? I have Herring Langdale boots by Cheaney on the 175 last, but are these on the same or some other?
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