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1) Brown double monkstraps 2) Brown wingtips 3) Brown pebble boots with Dainite sole 4) Brown suede Chukka boots with Dainite sole 5) Black captoe oxford
I'm a huge fan of navy. Love to combine it with shades of grey, purple and brown, and light blue of course. Sometimes with orange too. Actually right now I'm wearing a purple turtleneck sweater, navy trousers and socks, and espresso brown wholecuts.
I am wearing those S&H doubles in calf skin right now, and although the colour is fantastic and rich and nicely antiquied, I don't like the overall design of them too much. In the end they're quite a bored looking shoes, which in addition to the last shape may be down to the fact that the buckles are located and the straps run way too low, almost touching the sole, unlike in many nicer looking models. Made by Cheaney, and for that price they are very good value for the...
Double monkstraps from AS, should be with me on Friday.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels Like shooting "ish" in a barrel" What in the hell was this clown at the party for anyway?
^^ Great shoes, but the upper of Santonis look pretty creased and dry; have you applied any shoe cream on to them?
^ He should have buttoned the one button lower than that to make it look better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley He does look good, though I hate the new trend of pretentious scarf knots. New trend? And pretentious? I've seen that scarf knot done for ages. Though I personally don't usually do it that way.
Certainly hope that would be the next big fashion trend.
Now what do you guys think about the burgundy version of C&J Pembroke that I've been contemplating for my next shoes? I already own a couple of dark brown shoes (oxfords & monks) and one pair of tan brogues which are all with a leather sole. I need shoes with a dainite sole for snowy and rainy weekends, but not sure if burgundy is the right color. I like the Pembroke design a lot, and although the tan grain Pembroke is nice and would be a safe bet, I think it would be nice...
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