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^ Not even when they are properly shortened and properly worn?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang This may be the most over-sprezzed photo I've seen in a while. I would call it the most trying-way-too-hard photo I've seen in a while. There ain't nothing sprezz really in it.
Isn't that too informal for a wedding party? Great look nonetheless.
Quote: There's also a fear that the half-size down will be too small. Try them on wearing two socks or just with thick socks. If they become unwearable then I think half-size down would be too small. And if they are still wearable then half-size down might fit your feet. It's quite hard to tell from those photos if they are clownish, however half-size down would probably look better. But nice shoes they are nonetheless.
Has anyone else noticed how fast the heel rubber piece wears down in Tricker's shoes? I have worn my new Keswicks less than ten times and the heels have worn down more than in any of my shoes with some 50-100 wearings. It's a lot softer a rubber piece than what e.g. C&J or Cheaney are using for their heels. I can't be the only one having noticed and complaining about it..? Nevertheless, otherwise I like them so much I contemplate buying the Marron antique Bourtons next.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I don't know if I agree with this. With natural products the source of the material does affect quality. So you mean the skin/leather of an Indian cow is poorer quality than the leather of a French or an English cow? Could be so, of course, but I would like to know the arguments.
What do you guys exactly mean by 'leather sourced outside England'? I thought all good makers use other than "English leathers" or hides, say from France or the US, but the shoe is made in the UK.
What colour for pants with tan shoes? Personally I think that navy and grey (except very pale grey) don't usually go well with tan shoes, not even denim, the contrast is not good. What do others think?
No problems with safety. I have always asked for a bullet proof canvas and padding for my bespoke suits.
^ The suit looks sooo much better now! In fact it's very nice.
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