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I like this styling a lot, a very nice overcoat, good trouser length etc. And the film was good too
That guy is trying way too hard, the smoking and everything is so damn affected. The worst Lino wannabe I've seen.
^ That is very nice. Who makes those shoes? Could they be AS Moore?
My Ramseys are not as dark brown as Bourbon's. Their colour is quite exactly the same as depicted on the newly opened AS website. The colour is very rich. Ramsey is quite possibly the nicest non-high end dub monk in the market. Having owned Lowndes I can tell you that Ramsey looks better and is even more versatile. To me Shakespeare looks very disappointing in the pics I have seen of it.
These will age beautifully.
She's too skinny, but the legs are awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by E,TF Sounds natty enough for a less formal daytime wedding, though perhaps with a jollier tie (search "wedding tie" on here). You could even go for shoes other than black. But you should see what the dress code is - ask your friend. They may be expecting male guests to wear suits. Well I did ask him a while ago and he said that as it is a summer wedding a little less formal will do aswell. Though he sounded like he...
Hello, I will attend my friend's wedding this summer, I only have one decent suit which is black and I think I will not wear it to the wedding. Instead, would you consider the following combination appropriate: Navy blue single-breasted blazer (wool, black buttons) White shirt White trousers (cotton) Grey or dark blue tie Black oxford shoes What do you think? Thanks!
Just awesome SC and tie! Maybe add some polish on the shoes to remove the dry lines on the vamp.
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