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The samples program page can be found here:http://www.aedes.com/Aedes-Sample-Service_p_908.html
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer came upon this vintage overcoat. reads "Scott & Company LIMITED Boston". anyone know anything about this? who this company is, who made?... Your label is identical to the one on a blazer I have which is dated February 6, 1963 on a tag within an inside pocket - your overcoat may well fall within that general time period. But Scott & Company was at the 340 Washington address at least as early as 1918,...
I wear a striped navy suit in my American office all the time. It works well for me. I certainly wouldn't wear a black suit to work, striped or not. What you would wear at the Venetian has no relationship (one hopes) to what you would wear at the office, where you deal with clients and those you hope will be clients. In your professional life, stick with navy and olive, and in winter (if you're in the appropriate climate) the occasional brownish tweed. Vegas? Black...
New Posts  All Forums: