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I picked these up recently. Been playing around with this lightbox my girlfriend made. I love these boots. Comfortable, stylish, and affordable. I wrote a short review on my blog.
Anyone still interested in this jacket?
Flip flops
Hey SF, Im in charge of all social media outlets for my store and was wondering if you guys can take a minute to check out our Facebook Fan Page. Take a second to check it out and hit "like" if you do actually like it. I need to reach a quota by the end of the month and would appreciate any kind of help from the SF community. Here's the link: Thanks guys!
Sorry, yeah I used flashed for the photos cause I have night light in my room.Here's a link for you to see what the color is like:
What's up Styleforum, I have this gorgeous leather jacket from Polo Ralph Lauren. I've had it for a few months now, but have only worn it twice. No stains, cigarette stench, or anything bad at all. Well taken care of. Asking for $225 and it retailed originally for $695. GREAT DEAL! Size: Medium and here are the exact measurements armpit to armpit; 21.75" length from neck seam to bottom of coat: 26" shoulder seam to seam: 18.5" sleeve from shoulder seam to cuff:...
Found this particular leather jacket by Ralph Lauren at a steal price. I believe it's called the Bradford jacket and retailed for $695. I wore it once and I realized that the fit of it just isn't for me. If anyone's interested in buying it off me, please shoot me a message. It's a size medium and in amazing condition. No bad odor, stains, etc.
The leather jacket might be up for sale if anyone is interested. Size Medium and in great condition.
Lamergod- Thanks! It's by GAP from their spring line of this year.
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