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They're pretty dope, 18 Waits.Really great pants and they always end up on sale.It's like a thick tweed.Reminds me of Boardwalk Empire
Any pictures of your customized shoe?Thanks!
This dope 2 person shoe making company is running a kickstarter with a discounted price for handmade loafers, boat shoes, boots, high-tops. Their workshop is right in Vancouver's Chinatown. I signed up for the boat shoes, they look pretty sick. And I love supporting Canadian! (Wings + Horns, Naked & Famous, Muttonhead, 18 Waits, Northern Watters Knitwear, United Stock Dry Goods) I am not affiliated with this business. It is across the street from my...
Yeah man love it.Even the blue collars be rockin' the 3-piece steez.
just go to icefilms and download off the streaming sites.easy as pie.and you can watch it about 30 mins after it aired on TV.
Yeah that Margaret shit is tired.They need to let her stay in squalor in NY.
Good jackets. Some tiger fleece hoodies.But I agree.I think the last good one was Fall 2010.
Yeah I'm actually more surprised people aren't discussing the fashion in this show. It's pretty tight!
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