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Damn, I found some 32oz locally for sale second-hand but it's a size 30, too small for my 32" waist
Thanks for the update.That's disappointing to hear regarding the Sample Sale.
Are you guys sure it just hasn't been updated with stock yet?Sometimes I notice they say sold out when first released.Then they have stock a while later.
Very true and I've handled the Buzz Rickson Peacoat, it's top notch.
Agreed dude.There is a Gastown Shop Hop on Oct. 17th.Roden Grey will probably have 15%-20% off that day.Or wait until Feb for the End of Season Sale, but it's a long time from now.
You remembered correctly.Honestly the quality is very high for the outerwear. So it's not unreasonable for them to think they are worth the same as other boutique brands.But they are definitely losing their appeal in my eyes.Even $600 for the old peacoats I was reluctant. But it wasn't bad pricing and the new Peacoats look very nice, classical styling.
That's fucking ridiculous.Do you know what kind of pants you can get for $300?Stuff that is way better than those.Too much money.
I don't like him either, but maybe that's the point.I hated Rosetti too, but he turned out to be okay.Plus he won that Emmy...
Dr. Narcisse said black people like that are what's keeping the black man down and they should be dealt with.I think Purnsley beat him to show that's he's serious about working for the good Doctor.
Nice work dude. I like the pattern you cut the leather also.
New Posts  All Forums: