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^Good man, thanks for the info. I like the 3A. Would anyone recommend the Shawl Collar of the 6A as opposed to that?
Greg aka gdl, I think I'm in love...
How much will it come out to?Before obvious customs and taxes of course.
StreetWear & Denim
I only rock the AE's also. I have a pair of Daytons when I'm not at work.I'm normally dressed SW&D and business casual at work. (although I'm funemployed at the moment.)I hope I'm not the only late 20s kid there!
It'll be worth it.You'll get to see all your internet friends, ahah!
I concur with this statement.
just came to say, eat a smell like a troll.
Or start doing illegal activities.Who's in? It'll be worth it.1. Crime2. ?3. Profit: for NMWA
Good point, maybe set it 5:30 or 6. Someone message Pudman, who started the thread.
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