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From my favorite store in Vancouver, Neighbour.http://www.shopneighbour.com/collections/stutterheim/products/stockholm-raincoat-olive-1Tell Saager that Rick from teh interwebz sent you. He'll hook it up They have an affiliate thread here also.FYI I am a Medium, I purchased the Xtra Small (XS).It fit me the best.I don't wear suits often.
I have the Stutterheim Raincoat in Green.Best $300 I ever spent.In Vancouver, this jacket is a must!Especially when you have to walk the kilometer to find the W+H store
I wear mine all the time and people always comment on it. The racer GREEN is very nice and stands out.I've worn it with my suit many times. It's suitable.I've never had so many strangers like a piece of clothing before.It does not breathe at all.Bonded cotton so it gets clammy. I recommend a longsleeve underneath or better yet some wool.These fit quite large FYI. I am a Medium (M) regularly and I purchased a Xtra Small (XS).
Sorry who is "GDL" ?Thanks.
Photos from the Wings & Horns facebook page:
Checked out the retail store. It's nice, people are cool. All prices are at retail. I'll pick up a Henley and maybe a sweater from Reigning Champ- too expensive otherwise. No real outwear yet. Too many employees there though. Unless some of them are working out of the office there.
Damn, I found some 32oz locally for sale second-hand but it's a size 30, too small for my 32" waist
Thanks for the update.That's disappointing to hear regarding the Sample Sale.
Are you guys sure it just hasn't been updated with stock yet?Sometimes I notice they say sold out when first released.Then they have stock a while later.
Very true and I've handled the Buzz Rickson Peacoat, it's top notch.
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